Intentional Moments 

As moments pass and memories fade, I shall ever hope that I have documented them well, as to be able to bring them back into being.

 I deeply want my life to be intentional, well thought over, with my decisions having value and worth.  

To soak in the value of one another is to discover some of the greatest blessings this life has to offer.  

When we have the opportunity to share this life with those we love, those we treasure;

Well, it makes life a rich adventure.  

May we seek the best in one another, give of ourselves for the best in each other and hold captive to the beauty within one another, as to savor the rich blessing before us.  

I don't think we will ever regret the decision to listen and be attentive to those around us.  

Pay attention my friends, for moments are ever passing in time.

May we make them intentional. 


Intentional Savor 

This word intentional is what kept brewing over again and again within me as I documented this gorgeous family.  They are so intentional to show up for one another, to be present, to be content in one another's presence, and to enjoy the moments passing by together. There is always something about a large family that draws me in, but the Goetz family was something deeper, more poignant and reflective.  Drawing me in deeper and closer.  And I think it was genuinely their calm, compassionate attitude towards one another.  This intentional savor and love is certainly something to be admired. 


Letter to the Goetz Family: 

Your love is steadfast and pure, may it remain that way as you grow and mature, and continue developing in wisdom.  Your bonds and relationships with one another is the most beautiful thing, evident through the images and even more so in real time, your deep genuine care for one another runs far deeper than an evening session, but has depth that covers the daily void.  The hard days and all.  You guys are truly steadfast and loyal.  And what an honor to stand behind my camera and watch your magical family unfold.  What an honor and a blessing indeed. 

Rhett- What a cutie you are.  A ball of energy to be sure!! I know you keep your sweet mama busy, but goodness are you so wonderfully adored.  You are truly a ball of joy and you bring energy, life and excitement to the whole family.  Your family lights up for you and is enamored at all that you are. 

Julia- The sweetest thing you are.  You love fiercely and boldly.  You are so beautiful from the inside out.  You are going to be a go-getter, a world changer, a deep impacter for the lives around you.  You are something incredible. 

Cort- My goodness, you are so fun!! I just love your goofy, silly, compassionate personality.  Full of life and spirit, you will consistently bring the laughter and hype to the party.  What a joy to be around! 

Lorelei- Goodness, your heart is so kind and pure.  You are soft spoken and yet overflowing in rich beauty and grace.  You are going to have a heart of gold like your mama.  I see so much of her in you, even though we all just met.  You will love well, and love in wisdom.  You are a valued treasure to be sure. 

Case- You like to be hidden behind the scenes, yet you serve and love so well. It is so evident the way you love Rhett and watch over him as your own.  You are a protector, silently keeping watch over all that is happening and soaking it in.  I am sure you will be wise beyond your years.  You certainly are something special! 

Rece- The kindest leader.  You lead well as the oldest of your humble tribe, but you lead in honest humility.  You lead in love and you lead in service.  You have the best smile and the warmest heart.  What a blessing you are! 

Matt- You are present.  You know the value of everything you have set before you.  You love your wife SO well, and treasure her beyond this earth.  It is so clear that you would do anything for her, and because of the way you love her, it feeds over into the way your children love her.  You are steadfast and trustworthy.  The anchor among the seas. 

Janel- Oh, so full of passion and life.  You have a gentle spirit, but you love hard and love well.  Your children adore you in every way.  They admire and respect you.  For, you are the inspiration for your family.  You bring beauty and dreams.  You are the encouraging force on a bad day.  You are the steady stream, the constant servant, the humble beauty.  Your heart is kind and compassionate.  Something I think your kids get from you.  You are doing SUCH a great job as a mother.  I hope you know that you are chosen, you are beloved, you are a treasure far beyond the weight in this world.  You are one incredible person, and I feel so lucky to have met you!!! 


Be so richly blessed my friends!! 


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