Etched; The Miranda Family; NW Indiana  Lifestyle Photography


Etched; The Miranda Family; NW Indiana Lifestyle Photography


Etched into each other’s lives.  Etched for beauty, etched for love.  Etched for growth, companionship and purpose.  It is not each other that gives us our purpose, but rather allows for our purpose to shine.  Nicole has been a person etched into my life for an unmistakable purpose. She lives out her days faithfully serving little ones and graciously pouring her time, love and attention onto sweet friends.  She is loyal, and her kindness extends beyond the farthest ocean.  She will fight for you, and she holds truth on her tongue.  

Photographing their family, there was peace, joy, and overwhelming togetherness.  Walking through this season of life with tender new mercies each day and smiles to face the sun for the gift of new life resting within her.  And even now, as she cradles her youngest to her she is a warrior, crafted with care for the purpose she is upholding. 

And the way she and her husband Matt interact.  Sweet graces each day.  Their eyes sync in beautiful harmony, delight dancing over them.  There is rich reward in the struggle they have fought through to the space they now hold so dear.  Moments intertwined for strength and growth. 

That day together, spent walking through the gardens, leaves crunching underneath our feet, watching birds fly in the sky.  Listening to giggles as we danced the day away and breathing in deep, life giving air to our bones.  Cradling their unborn child within Nicole's beautiful body, and covering her in sweet grace.  Speaking words of affirmation and truth as we explored through the trees and found the light once more. Dancing, singing, laughter and breath to give the richest memories of an unforgettable evening together. 

Letter to the Mirandas:

To say that you are loving, kind and an extension of grace, like branches sprouting out from a tree is an understatement.  Your hearts know no borders, your love is strong, like a tree planting roots. There is depth to your family, an intangible bond, a reckoning force. Never lose your sense of wonder, hope and joy. It is something incredible for the world to witness! 

Matt- A servant if I have ever met one!  Not only have you served your family, but you have also been such an extension of grace to our own family as well.  You show up so well for your family. Nicole always speaks incredibly highly of you in the ways that you come alongside of her and walk hand in hand together.  And the way you love your children, making them feel important, valued and cared for is one special trait for them.  Never lose your sense of service and the patience you have along with it.  It is such a gift. 

Maddox- Oh your sweet wonder and charm.  You are a thinker and an observer.  You love to explore and dream.   You are going to grow into quite the little gentleman one day.  Maddox, you are so deeply loved.  Never lose that powerful wonder you have about you.  People long for the joy you find in this world! 

Morgan- strong and beautiful.  You are a fighter, a defender of justice.  You know what you want and you are determined until you get it.  You will be quite the leader one day pretty girl. Never lose that strength within you. Let it carry you forth to big dreams.  You will be a world changer some day! 

Nicole- Steady and Strong.  You too have a remarkable strength about you.  There is something about motherhood, especially in these days of such little ones that brings out something fierce and beautiful in a woman and I see that in you.  You are SO steady for your children, drawing them back to who they were made to be time and time again through love and compassion.  You love deeply and with extreme passion.  I love this about you!! I think it is what has drawn us so closely together as friends.  You take a stand for the things that matter to you.  You love beyond yourself and give more than anyone deserves.  You are a beacon of light on hard days and a shoulder to cry on.  You listen with compassion and answer in gentleness. You are an incredible friend, and I know a wonderful wife.  The way Matt looks at you, he knows he has won the world with you.  Keep fighting for those children, keep laying it all down each day for them, for they see you, they love you deeply and they treasure how well you love them, as do I.  You are a remarkable gift to this world my friend.  Never forget that.  Let your incredible light shine for the world to see! 

~With all the hugs and gratitude I can muster because this family has my entire heart, 





Why Do my Sessions Last 1.5-2 Hours? ; Laura Duggleby Photography; Lifestyle and Documentary

So Why ARE your sessions 1.5-2 hrs? 

I get asked this so often?  Why do you allow for such a long period of time for your sessions?  Why not just have them at an hour like most of the other photographers out there?  The reason is pretty simple for me, it all goes back to why I do photography. My entire goal is to instill value and hope into my clients.  I want my work to represent something far greater than smiles and poses.  I want it to represent and reflect the emotions, the joys and all the extraordinary pieces in between.  I want my work to reflect the full story within that season of life, and to do so takes time.  I shared more about my entire style of photography in my previous post, so if you missed it, be sure to check that out here: 


But generally, I long to be fully present with you and your family.  I want to be able to adventure with you, to give you the time to relax in front of me and truly come into your natural selves.  I want to expectantly create time to rest in the moment, not rushed, but rather to experience it for that which it is.  I want to have time for a mother to cradle her young one through a struggle, or for the children to actually enjoy some time with their family, together, unordered and beautiful.  What this extra time does is simply create more space for you and your family.  It allows me to step into your story for a longer period of time and in this capture more of the little in between moments.  


Now, with that being said I do still offer occasional mini sessions.  So, why do I do this?  Honestly, I also understand what it is like financially to have pictures taken.  I understand that it is an investment.  And although I wish that every family could have GORGEOUS professional images taken every six months, I also realize that is just not possible for everyone.  For this reason, I have about 2-3 dates per year that I open up for mini session time slots to love those families as best I can as well.  But, full length sessions will always be where my heart lies, for here is where I have the time to capture so much more within the moment.  And also, just as a side note, I do offer payment plans if that is something that is holding you back from getting family pictures done.  I know, for myself, I have NEVER regretted any amount spent on images, not in the least.  The images I take of our family, or that we have taken by someone else are truly one of the most treasured possessions in our home.  They hold pieces to our story that no one else can write.  They are incredibly unique, personal, and they bring me back countless times over.  

How are you remembering this season of your life? 

My next mini session date is Saturday March 10th in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Spacing is limited.  Check out all the details here:

Would you like to chat about setting up a session with your family this year?  Contact Laura Duggleby Photography here:

And finally, don't forget to also check out this free resource we are offering on goal setting this month!  


~Sitting right here with you, soaking in the most important moments, 



Lifestyle Photography: What is it? NWI and Worldwide Lifestyle Photographer


Lifestyle Photography: What is it? NWI and Worldwide Lifestyle Photographer

Lifestyle Photography 

Now, this is a term that in the recent years has been thrown around a ton in the world of photography.  For those of you who aren't quite sure what lifestyle photography is?  Well, that's ok because I will explain what it means to me here.  To me, lifestyle photography is capturing moments as they are happening in time.  It is leaning in to the details of the story, and bringing the emotion of the scene into the image.  I always tell my clients that I want them to feel something from their images.  There is this beautiful story that is being told every single day with our lives. Every action we make, whether that be to act upon an event or not, is a piece of our story unraveling each and every moment.  We cannot stop time, and this is what draws me so deeply into this style of photography.  It is not that posed images, or landscape, or any other type of work is wrong, this is just what comes most naturally for me.  It is where my eye and heart lead me in.  I love to be able to capture the small pieces of the story that might otherwise go unnoticed.  For instance, that short instance where the Father strokes his daughter's hair behind her ear, capturing his heart of compassion over her.  Or the way a son's fingers slide into his mother's hand, or the way his head rests upon her chest.  These moments, these deep intimate moments hold an extraordinary amount of weight and value to me.  They represent all the hard work you have put in, all the investment, all the ways you have been present together time and time again.  There is a connection, a bond, and there is nothing quite like a family bond.  There is something fierce and special about the way a woman will fight for her husband, or the way a husband will advocate for his wife or children.  There is power in the beauty of presence.  And this is what I long for through my work, to be able to advocate rich stories of hope.  The entire story, not just the small happy, smiling for the camera piece, but the small moments in between when you don't realize the camera is looking your way.  I long to remind you of the extraordinary your life represents, apart from the ordinary you feel it holds each day.  I long to create soulful work, poetry for your walls, hope for the blank spaces of your home, creating peace, joy and gratitude.  This is lifestyle photography to me. 

There is power in the beauty of presence.
— Laura
Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
— Edgar Degas

This is lifestyle photography for me.  It is the essence of helping others see the masterpiece that is held within their own lives.  There is so much beauty, so much wonderous depth within each and every client I encounter, and the masterpiece unfolds as we are in each other's presence, experiencing community and relationship through simply seeing each other through the lens of the heart.  Through being still, and intentional, through asking questions, getting to know each other, and being crazy observant of everything going on around us as well, the birds, the grass, the wind, the sky.  Everything in harmony together, in motion together, in a dance with each other.  Lifestyle photography is my breath of life for it all.  And capturing these moments is something that I never take for granted.  

Would you like to experience this in your own life too?  This art of photography is so much more than just taking pictures as you can see.   It is my way to bring hope to this world, to bring rich stories to life and to capture moments that will never return.  Let me bless you in this way this year.  Let's create something wildly beautiful together!!