Wrapped in Love: Lieske Family Session: NW Indiana Lifestyle Photography


Wrapped in Love: Lieske Family Session: NW Indiana Lifestyle Photography

Fierce Love and Loyalty

To be wrapped in love of the fiercest form, 

More than snuggles and kisses and care and provision, 

But also wrapped within the greatest protection, 

To be led and guided, shown and uplifted. 

The journey in this life can be hard, 

Leaving us breathless, exhausted, and tired, 

But love carries on despite all odds. 

Love wraps around our deepest wounds, 

our largest insecurities. 

Love somehow always wins.  

Love overpowers and overwhelms, 

It retreats for nothing and lays down everything when needed. 

Love somehow always wins.  

Let love win for you today. 



Making Space for Family  

Rachel was telling me of how her favorite memories are those of them simply enjoying time together at home.  Life does not have to be busy and full of all the "have to" moments in life to be of eternal value and rich satisfaction.  And I so love that this family gets this and understands the true important things.  For satisfaction, growth and relationship truly bud from simple time spent together.  Nothing fancy, but far greater than anything this world can buy.  

Anyone who has mothered knows that it is an incredibly hard task, but Rachel is one who loves her children so well.  Beyond care and provision and snuggles and kisses, but so much farther into true love.  She makes space for her children.  She listens and invests into them.  It is so evident in the way she interacts with her son Lukas that love abides within their home and he knows that his momma is his.  She also loves her husband Ben well.  Only with the kindest words to say, building him up and encouraging him every step of the way.  To say these children, this family is wrapped in love is truly only the begining to the incredible journey and adventure they are embarking on as together.  I cannot wait to see what continues to bloom of their beautiful story. 


Enjoying this life

So I might ask you, how are you enjoying your life?  Are you wrapping love around those closest to you?  Are you wrapping yourself in love?  How are you making space for those dearest to you in your life?  I was once told that if someone wants to know what we deeply care about, they will look at our calendars.  And I so believe this to be true!! Make space for yourself my friends!  Make space for those dearest to you! 



Fierce Love

In closing, remember to fight for yourself and the things you love, or else other items will win.  Make family a priority, soak them on, love them well, do your best to never take them for granted.  For the richest piece of life is relationship.  So, may we let go of the perfect vision we have for our life, and instead step into a fierce love of the current people we have in our lives and love them in the fiercest of love. 



Summer Session Openings

I do still have a few more summer session openings on my calendar.  If you are interested in documenting your family's story and having some amazing visual poetry to display on your walls, I would love to connect and create something wildly beautiful for you and your family. 








Living Simply, Accepting your call and Running towards it with Full Purpose: Northwest Indiana Lifestyle Family Photographer


Living Simply, Accepting your call and Running towards it with Full Purpose: Northwest Indiana Lifestyle Family Photographer

Living Simply 

To live the simple life, 

Not void of pain, hardship and mess, 

But rather with space to take in, 

To process. 

With air to breathe and time to notice the little things in life. 

To live the simple life is to accept a few things for yourself, 

And to allow many others to pass you by. 

To make priorities, to hold to values and to set specific purpose before you. 

To live the simple life is not made without sacrifice, 

Yet it holds the beauty and joy of the world in its hands. 

Do you ever feel that you feel pulled in all different directions?  The weight of the world pressing in and too many obligations before you?  Are you trying to be all things to all people?  I know I certainly used to live this way, always saying yes to everything and never no.  However, when we live like this we become stressed out, exhausted and void of purpose, for we have too many reaching for our attention.  So, I would suggest you slow down, set some priorities and make sure you are setting things in motion to keep your priorities a priority.  In doing so, you will see the world in a rich new light, filled with joy and beauty once more. In living simply, accepting our call, and running towards it with full purpose we are able to accomplish far more than trying to do it all.  And in doing so, most likely you will see more success, have more time for yourself and your family, and be more joyful in the process. 


Accepting your Call 

Just as we cannot be everything to all people, we also cannot be called to everything.  Each person's calling is specific, unique. And the thing about calling I believe is though we may have one central theme in life we feel called to, the details of our calling may change in time as seasons change.  

How are you doing in making quiet time for yourself?  Time to process, time to discover what your calling is and if it has changed?  This is something I am consistently working on for myself as well.  


Run Towards your Calling with Clear Purpose

So, you know your calling, you have sacrificed some things to simplify your life.  Now it is time to run full force towards that which you are being called to do.  Maybe it is motherhood, loving your children well and giving all you have each day to them?  Maybe it is your own small entrepreneurial business you are running to bless others in your own way.  Maybe it is encouraging your neighbors or being a beacon of hope to a family member.  Whatever your season and whatever your call, make sure you run towards it with all that you have. 

Do not look to the right or to the left, do not compare your success to the success of another, because how can success truly be measured?  Maybe you will impact thousands of lives, or even millions though your calling, maybe you will impact one.  Would one life be enough for you and your sacrifice?  Would one changed life be a measure of success for you?  

On my good days, when I am free of comparison or judgement upon myself, than yes, one life is truly enough, for who knows how many other lives our one person can affect.  The world can be changed one story at a time, one mission and calling at a time, with each small step of obedience at a time. 



My Specific Calling 

So for me, what does this look like? Within my business I am called to advocate rich stories of hope, making extraordinary of the seemingly ordinary.  

For me, it brings me an extreme sense of joy to take a story, a piece of someone's life, stand behind a camera, and document it in an extraordinary way.  This brings full joy and satisfaction to me, for this is where my talents and my obedience collide.  For me, this is where life comes alive as I see a transformation from something quite possibly seen as mundane or ordinary, to something intriguing, interesting, and of rich value.  Something that leaves you entranced in its beauty and awe.  For beauty rests all around us if we simply have eyes to see. 

So, I will continue to run after my calling.  To document my own family, to document other families and couples in ways to tell their incredible stories and bring hope and joy to generations to come.  And also, to bring tangible reminders of the beauty residing within your story. 

For every life matters. 

Every story is Important. 

There is nothing too insignificant that could not be of value.  There is no calling too small, or to big.  Find your calling and go after it.  I can promise you won't regret it.  Yes, sacrifices must be made, but the joy to be won far outweighs anything placed on the alter I can be sure of. 



What is Your Calling?

So, what is your calling?  

How can you live more simply?  

What things do you need to sacrifice to live a life full of purpose?  

Can you accept your calling joyfully, even if it isn't quite what you had imagined or envisioned for your life?

How can you focus on your call with a clear purpose? 

What are some steps to weed out any shame, comparison, count or guilt you may be feeling towards your calling?

The sacrifice is worth the reward.  Don't wait your whole life to fully live.  

Live Simply, Accept your Call, and Run After it with Clear Purpose.  I'm rooting for you!





Documenting stories of hope around the world: Rwanda : Laura Duggleby Photography


Documenting stories of hope around the world: Rwanda : Laura Duggleby Photography

Stories of Hope 

As you may have heard me mention a time or two now, I deeply strive to advocate rich stories of hope, making extraordinary of the seemingly ordinary throughout my work.  Every story matters, every story is important.  Every story is rich.  I know that stories also contain much heartache and trials and strife.  However, I truly believe that photography can be a part of the healing process.  To bring value and light to the dark and lonely places.  To help us to see beyond the messy and into the chasms of grace.  And, once experienced, the view of life becomes a much different story for us to tell.


Every Life Matters

I believe every life matters.  Every life is important.  The homeless, abandoned and cast aside matter.  The broken, bleeding and bruised matter.  The deserted, targeted and attacked matter.  
Every story matters and every story deserves to be fought for and told.  It is within the broken pieces that others are able to relate and come to find hope and healing as well.  

And with this every culture matters.  From China to India to Africa to the States and everything in between.  People are important and so are their stories.  These images are from my trip this past Thanksgiving to Rwanda with KEFA Project as I was able to document some of the incredible families there.  These families have endured hardship and pain to be sure, but the joy the was felt throughout my entire time there was beyond measure.  There is so much beauty in forgiveness and healing is an incredibly powerful thing.  I so long to have the courage, wisdom and hope of many of the individuals I met.  

To learn more about KEFA Project click


Stories are Powerful

Stories are powerful.  Stories build emotion and can create change.  Think about watching a movie that moves you to change a piece of yourself, or reading a powerful book or poem.  Stories can be told through words, but also through images, and a combination is even moreso.  This is what I strive for.  To create something so much more than pretty images for you to cherish, but rather to tell your story through images.  To capture a moment in time and allow you to breathe life into the image over and over again.  To use each story of hope to encourage another story to rise from the ashes and step into wonderful purpose. 


Will you Join Me in Spreading Hope?

As embark on this journey, I simply ask, is this you?  Are you a family who longs to advocate for hope?  Or do you know someone who is actively living this out?  Maybe they have adopted a child, maybe they are rising from a divorce and learning to hope again, maybe it is recovering from a drug addiction, or aiding in putting an end to sex trafficking.  Maybe it is loving toddlers well as a full time mother, or even more a full time mother also pursuing dreams through a small business.  Maybe it is aiding the homeless or being a light on the soccer field.  The opportunities are endless.  I simply ask you this, is it worth documenting?  Is it worth remembering the value you are holding?  For I know that these images are more than just a pretty picture.  They tell your story, your story that is making a difference in this world, one step at a time.  They are valuable and worth so much more than words can tell.  So, please do not rob yourself of having these beacons of hope surrounding you, on your walls, in your hands, on your screens.  Surround yourself with the hope you are fulfilling so on the rough days you can remember all the good.  And, to go one step further, maybe allow your story to be told to the world.  I can guarantee someone can benefit from your story.  

Your story is powerful.  Let's walk forward to spread hope together! 




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