Collision of Photography & Orphan Care through Back to School Mini Sessions: NW IN, TX, & KS


Collision of Photography & Orphan Care through Back to School Mini Sessions: NW IN, TX, & KS

Celebrating Back to School 

Hello Hello everyone!! So here we are and I am SO excited to announce my first ever partnership with KEFA Project  to be able to truly take one small action to affecting the orphan crisis I have been talking so much about lately.  

As I have been researching, learning, listening and praying over all that is happening within the orphan crisis around the world, one of the biggest things I keep coming back to is poverty.  Poverty has such a large affect on the orphan crisis in the world, because so many of these children that are brought to orphanages have loving, incredible parents, however they simply cannot provide for their family, and in order of the survival of their children they bring them to orphanages to allow them to simply have their needs met.  Now, this is not the story for every orphan, or even most possibly, but it is the story of many.  Many orphans are not truly orphans at all, they are simply a piece of a family struggling to make it financially and a lot of that happens to be cyclical. 


The Cycle of Poverty 

Because here is the thing, when a family is in poverty, they typically require their children to start working with them from a very young age to simply make ends meet and keep them from starvation.  Due to this, children are not going to school, not receiving an education, and thus less likely to have the opportunity to get a better paying job for themselves and their own families one day, and thus the cycle of poverty continues.  

And one of the reasons I chose to work with KEFA Project and something that they do SO incredibly well is family reconciliation.  I have seen it with my own eyes from my trip over last November.  And as I have spoken with Brian, the Head Director recently, they truly are making it a top priority to get all the children they are able to back into their homes with their biological families, where they can also help teach the families how to provide for themselves, while also restoring the natural bond that is there.  It is a beautiful picture of restoration and hope, and it is absolutely something I think changes the course of history, when we can get young street children back into their home environments when possible. 


How to Answer the Call?

So, what do we do with all of this information?  We pray and we meet practical needs.  The more I invest my heart and my eyes towards Jesus in this, I am so reminded that we must first meet the practical needs of these individuals.  If we say we "love the world" or "have a heart for the world" or "wish things could be different" and yet do nothing to practically meet the needs of others than our words do not line up with our actions. 

Now, I do want to also mention something here.  I grew up in a very strict church where I was taught the law of the Lord sometimes over the love of the Lord.  It took me a long time to understand the grace of Jesus, and to be honest it is something that I am still seeking to understand each day.  But that to say this.  We cannot help everyone.  And I do not even think "help" is the right word.  For truly, I see it as coming alongside an individual and saying "I see you, I believe in you, I know you have value and I want to help you to achieve some of your dreams, because you are worth it".  But, we are not saviors, we who have been richly blessed are no better than the poor.  We simply have been given resources into our hands, and I believe that it is our obligation to do SOMETHING good with our gifts.  BUT HEAR ME IN THIS, that does not mean that we must do EVERYTHING.  We cannot do it all, nor shall we do it all.  But, if you are not doing at least ONE thing to stand beside the poor of this world, I might ask your heart where you stand with advocating for the least of these?

Deutoronomy 15:11 states: "For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land."


Announcing Back to School Fall Mini Sessions that Give to KEFA Project!  

So, with all of this, I am really excited to share with you how you can practically answer this call to open our hands to our brothers and sisters.  How we can love others in need well! 

The beautiful collision of photography to meet the needs of some boys in Rwanda.  I will be offering MINI SESSIONS this fall, in which each session will directly sponsor a child in need!! I will be hosting mini session day events here in NW Indiana, as well as Texas and possibly KS and am willing to travel anywhere if there is interest, so don't hesitate to reach out!!  Because here is the thing, these kids are WORTH IT!!  This will be an opportunity for you to get some great images of you and your family together before the holidays as well as saying yes to being the hands and feet to those in need in the process!!  Completely amazing right?!  Each of these mini sessions will be directly aiding a child from KEFA Project to help in either education, food provisions or housing depending on what is the greatest need for each child!  

Here is the breakdown and absolute specifics:


Mini Session with Laura Duggleby Photography:

25 min session,

to include: 

20 digitally edited images

3- 5x7 prints.  

AND a print of your sponsor child!!!

(to consistently remind you of the child you have said yes to being a blessing to! )  

Cost: $150 -

($30 of each session is going DIRECTLY to KEFA Project, where the project director Brian Beckman and his staff will determine which of the 3 categories: education, food or living the money will go towards depending on the child's greatest need at this time). 




     times: Approx. 6:30AM, 7:00AM, 7:30AM, 8:00AM I 7:00PM, 7:30PM, 8:00PM, 8:30PM

DFW TEXAS- Sun. Oct. 8th

     times: Approx. 7:30AM, 8:00AM, 8:30AM, 9:00AM I 7:00PM, 7:30PM, 8:00PM, 8:30PM

Topeka/Kansas City, KANSAS- Tentatively NOV. 4th

     times: Approx. 8:00AM, 8:30AM, 9:00AM, 9:30AM


So guys, if you need Christmas card photos, now is the time!  If you just need some updates family portraits, now it the time!  If you simply want to help some kids be provided for, and get beautiful images in the process, now is the time!! 


Below I am listing ALL the boys that we are praying over and hoping to bless with $30 each through these mini sessions.  I will be advertising a name beside each time slot, however if you truly feel called to give to a certain boy, than by all means, let me know and we can make that happen!  Here are their stories.  Because as you also know I firmly believe that EVERY story matters! Let's show up for these young men.  


001 Bonane spent several years as a house boy and off and on the streets. He is an extremely talented soccer player and he was able to move into our academy at an older age. He has graduated with a degree in general mechanics and pursuing both a career in soccer and in mechanics. He is currently in our transition program that prepares the young men to leave the academy and be able to make a sustainable living and handle finances. 

002 Masta (Claude) grew up in a taxi park called Nyabugogo. He was famous for stealing bikes. Now at the academy, he is famous for soccer, rapping, and dancing. He is currently finishing his final year of primary school and excited to start secondary school.

003 Billgates (real name Jean De Dieu) came into our academy after it had been opened for two years. We brought him in the academy specifically so he could deal with a medical condition. This allowed him to focus on his soccer development and education. He is a leader of the other boys and frequently helps boys who are struggling make good decisions. He is in charge of training other boys to understand how to save money. He is currently studying computer science at university.

004 Alex’s mother and father died when he was young. When he moved with his brothers and sisters to the capital city of Kigali, he began associating with a street gang called the Marines. He left home and began using drugs and stealing. He entered into our academy when it opened and began to transform immediately. He was reconciled back with his family and excelled in school. He just completed vocational training school in panel beating (auto body repair) and has begun working in this field. His brother tells us, “I am so happy he is doing well now. I just love him so much.”

005 Eric is a bright young athlete who works hard, shares his faith with the community, and loves those younger than him well. We found him initially on the streets.

006. Noah grew up in poverty and was part of a street kids program. He was able to join the academy when it began. He is an extremely funny boy and one of the comedians of the academy – always making the other boys laugh. He was able to finish high school this past year with high marks. He is going to university and studying computer science.

007. Vama grew up in a taxi park called Nyabugogo. He is a massive soccer fan and can be found either jumping up and down when his teams (Real Madrid and Chelsea) are winning or bemoaning the loss when they are not. He has an infectious smile and is a bright student. He is currently finishing his final year of primary school.

009 Nana grew up in a poor family. He is a soft spoken boy. He is a quiet leader, one who does not stand out, but has a huge impact on the other boys. He has a huge smile, is a dedicated student, a dedicated athlete, and an all around positive influence on everyone at the academy. He has big dreams of playing soccer at university outside of Rwanda.

010 Gatari grew up on the streets. He was part of a gang called the Marines. They received their name from diving into raging water during the rainy season to retrieve items for people. He is extremely strong and loves younger kids. While at the academy, he even started his own team for younger boys. He graduated from vocational training school with an emphasis of general mechanics. He currently is playing soccer in Rwanda’s Professional Second Division and is working to find employment.

011 Etienne grew up on and off of the streets. He is a goalkeeper on the field and off the field can often be found creating many types of creative competitions for himself and his teammates. After winning, or losing, he will declare 'I AM THE CHAMPION.' He is currently helping to support his younger sister.

012 Olivier grew up in a poor family and is the younger brother of some of our first community athletes. He is one the leaders and spokesmen of all the boys at the academy. He is extremely talented at English and can even translate English now. He is a fearless goalkeeper. He gives other athletes wise advice and pushes them to be better people. He is currently studying telecommunications at University.

013 Laurent came from an extremely poor family. He entered into the academy when it began. He is an extremely sweet kid and loving of others. This past year he finished senior six in high school. He is currently studying hard so that he can go to university. He has a passion for graphic design and hopes to become a designer.

014 Focus lived on the streets at a taxi park called Nyabugogo. When we were working to start the academy, Focus was arrested and put in prison for living on the streets. We worked to get him released and moved into the academy. When he finally was able to move in he was extremely weak and sick. Of all the boys at the academy, I do not think a single boy has changed more from Focus. He changed from a boy who was extremely tough and unkind, to a boy who took care of others and we could rely on for anything. He finished vocational training school in panel beating (auto body repair). He is extremely passionate about this field and is looking for full-time employment.

015 Eric grew up off and on the streets. He is a very bright student and talented soccer player. He speaks English well and is studying hard in his final year of high school with hopes of playing and studying abroad. He has played at the highest level of soccer in Rwanda.

016 Bienvenue is a comedian in the academy. He loves to make others laugh and to be a showman – once you get to know him. He lived on the streets for a long time as part of a gang of kids.

017 No athlete is happier to be at the academy than Jean Claude. He is one of our top young athletes and is top of his class in school. He lived for one year on the streets before entering the academy.

018 Sostine is one of our youngest athletes at the academy. He lived on the streets from seven until early this year. He is doing great at school, has an infectious laugh, is a talented martial artist, and loves challenging older boys on the soccer field.

019 Sumayir is a ball of energy! He lived on the streets since the age of seven. He loves dancing, karate, and rapping. He is the most expressive kid at the academy and lives life with full passion.

020 Theogene is a mentor for the youngest boys at the academy as you can see from the picture. He left the academy for sometime and was back on the streets, but was able to come back rejoin our academy and is preparing to start vocational training. He is wise and cares well for others.

021 Jean de Dieu lived on the streets for many years before entering the academy. He was part of a gang of kids on the streets. Even while on the streets, he was sometimes able to attend school. He is currently top of his class in school.

022 Emile was the leader of a gang of kids on the streets. He protected the younger boys and looked after them. He loves life at the academy where he has made many friends, is attending school, and getting to be a kid.

023 Dushimwe is the youngest athlete at the academy and has the biggest smile in the world. He lived on the streets for several years. He loves to dance, to play soccer, and to wink at people.

024 Jean Baptiste is the newest athlete in our academy. He lived on and off of the streets and he came to our academy after being released from a youth detention center. He has a mischievous smile, is extremely smart, and loves jumping into anything that is happening at the academy.

025 Kamanayo lived on the streets at a taxi park called Nyabugogo. When we were working to start the academy Kamanayo was arrested and put in prison for living on the streets. We worked to get him released and moved into the academy. When he finally was able to move in he was extremely weak and sick. He flourished at the academy and completely transformed his life. He finished vocational training school with an emphasis in panel beating (auto body repair).  He is currently in our transition program and working to find employment.

026 Theoneste grew up spending a portion of his day at a landfill near his home. We met him when we started a team for boys in that landfill. He joined the academy when the academy started. He is a quiet, kind boy and is very intelligent. He immediately began to grow and change at the academy. He graduated from vocational training school with a degree in general mechanics. He is currently living in our transitional program and is looking for employment.


In Closing 

And let me say this finally friends,  this organization is the same I was blessed to be able to travel with last November.  I have had the privilege of meeting most of these boys and they are such good people.  They are kind and honest, and work hard.  They are loyal and genuine and just super fun to be around.  KEFA Project has done and extraordinary job with them and continues to  do so day in and day out as they lead up this next generation of men!!  If you choose to partner with us through getting some images taken this fall with me, you are going to be blessed.  For truly our joy resides as we give.  Let us give.  Let us do our part to share hope, to share our stories with them, as they so beautifully share theirs with us.  May we unify together as one body and support others around us.  For that is where beauty and the rich life exists.  This is helping prevent orphan care.  And that is love.  This is action.  This is grace.  

If you would like to book your session, please click below! 

Or if you would like more information on this amazing organization or how else you can further get involved with them, here is where you can find them: 

Thanks so much you guys!! Cannot wait to have you be a part of this amazing opportunity!! And please share this with family and friends so that we might be able to get ALL of these boys sponsored!!

~In rich expectancy and joy, 









Adoption Stories Part 1: The Allyn Family; Poland to NW Indiana

Meet the Allyns

Today I am so excited to introduce to you Lisa, Matt, Olivia, Aggie (Agata) and Aurek.  An entire family officially together now for just bit over a year, holding the most beautiful bond, full of incredible joy, and lasting love, waging far beyond anything physical, but rather of true choice and sacrifice.  I met with Lisa at a Panera a couple months back to get to hear her share her story, and I tell you what, it was an incredible blessing and I hope I do it some justice, so here you go: 



The Broken and Beautiful Story: 

The Allyn family adoption is an incredibly poignant picture of brokenness covered in beauty.  It encompasses perseverance, grace, hardship and trial.  Yet, as the story unfolds it is wrapped in treasure of untouchable value.  For what greater gift can one give than the gift of provision, life, and unconditional love?  It is a picture of Jesus saying yes to us, choosing us, every day of our lives despite being completely undeserving.  

Matt and Lisa married 11 years ago, and were blessed just over a year and a half later with their beautiful daughter Olivia.  Their world was forever changed in the most remarkable way, shifting from full time sales work to diapers and feedings.  Parenthood arrived and with it all the adoration and messy.  Nothing out of the ordinary; a treasured gift.  In time, they decided to grow their family, but had trouble making that a reality for them.  

So, the idea of adoption started to present itself for their family.  Having had an adopted sibling himself, Matt understood the joys and challenges of adoption.  They decided to say yes, and step into this adventure.  

The Allyns adopted from Poland.  But before the process that now stands completed before us, they had to walk through rejection of an agency, a failed domestic adoption, and two switches of international country of origin of which to adopt from.  The journey was long, the wait hard, unbearable at times as I can only imagine, however Lisa and Matt continued to say yes.  They continued to surround themselves with people who could give them wise, sound advice, they continued to step forwards, to take the steps they could towards adoption and eventually it led to success.  And a success greater than the could have imagined, for adopting one child turned into two. :) 

The Allyns were connected with their daughter Agata (Aggie for short) from Poland through their agency.  Lisa speaks of how she truly knew that Aggie was her daughter, simply from seeing her picture.  She knew she was going to be her mother.  And sure enough, the process began and paperwork was filed and that process was finally transitioning smoothly.  However, 5 months before their trip to meet and bond with Aggie before her adoption could be finalized, they got a call stating that Poland discovered Aggie had a brother, Aurek.  Lisa and Matt were asked if they would like to adopt an additional child as well.  They of course said yes!!  And in an instant their family growing from 3 to 4, would now become a family growing from 4-5.  All the waiting, all the tears, all the periods of rejection and hurt were now surfacing into the adoption of a sibling pair from Poland.  A beautiful gift from the Lord, their story being laid out in a far different way than they had ever imagined, but creating the most beautiful canvas, a treasured story.  

Due to the legalities of Poland they ended up making two separate trips to Poland, 6 weeks each to bond with each of their children; Aggie first, (although they did have the opportunity to meet Aurek on their first visit), and Aurek second before bringing them home officially into the family.  I love that not only did Lisa and Matt go out for these trips, but they took Olivia with them.  This was a family thing, they were becoming a family together.  They were choosing to say yes to these children and welcome them as children/siblings.  They were saying to them, we choose you to love every day, to stand up for, to care for and provide for and teach and correct and lead up in this world.  We choose you! 

Because they persevered through all the trials and hardships for a cause that was greater than themselves, they are now given a chance to say to care for and love two children who could not be cared for by their biological parents. And not to say they are perfect by any means, none of us are, but they are real and practical, and they said yes when they were called to and now two children have a space that they can call theirs.  A family they can call their own.  They are being raised in a stable environment and given an opportunity for hope, an opportunity for far more than they might have received otherwise.  This is love.  This is adoption and this is the gospel.  


What you should know about Adoption: 

In closing, I ask all my families, what, if anything they would like to share with others about adoption.  We know it isn't easy.  We know its hard and so much more than the beautiful facade we paint it to be.  So, here is what she said: "Be prepared for the ride of your life.  There will be trials, but great joy.  Hold on, because it's worth it!"  Hold on, because it's worth it!!  What a beautiful translation of the gospel right?  Life isn't meant to always be "easy", but that does not mean that it isn't worth it or that beauty isn't being born of it.  Hold on, because it's worth it!! 



Letter to the Allyns:

A little piece written as encouragement of this beautiful family: 

Olivia your first.  She breathes beauty, fun, goofy and joy to your family.  She was gifted the term "big sister" because of your faithfulness.  She radiated love onto her siblings. She cares for them well and comes alongside in need.  She made you a mother, a father.  She is your firstborn gift, teaching you wisdom as you learn in parenthood and laugh off the silly mistakes.  Your first baby girl. 

Aggie.  Her big blue eyes to steal the heart and adorations of so many.  She is compassionate and yet adventurous.  She wants you close, in loving proximity, but isn't afraid to take a step into greatness.  She has the best laugh and man, she is going to lead people places one day.  Hold on tight, for she is surely going to lead you on the ride of your life! 

Aurek, your sweet sweet boy.  Full of energy and curiosity.  Ready to go forth wherever sister leads.  His kind heart and willingness to serve.  Even at a young age, he is soaking it all in, coming alongside you both as you have accepted him as your own.  He is loyal, yet a fighter.  He is your baby of the bunch.  Snuggle in his days, for they will soon fade into school age years and independence at hand.  

Matt. You are the sweetest man, full of compassion and kindness for your children, but also the goofy one spurring on fun and laughter.  Your children adore you.  They are truly connected with you and attached to the love you are giving as is plain to see.  I know this road has not been easy. There have been so many sacrifices along the way, but wow, how blessed you have become, with arms open wide, full of love and faithfulness of the Father.  You are a good father to your children.  You invest your time that you have in your family.  It is evident that you lead this family well and love well.  You are a rock for Lisa.  Giving her the emotional rest to be silly and laugh at life when needed, to take it easy, but also to come alongside her when the days are tough.  You uphold honor and respect of your family, and I don't think any father could ask for more. 

Lisa, what an incredible mother you are.  To not only sacrifice your time and resources, but to sacrifice all of you.  You have taken the time to gain wisdom, to learn how to parent a child birthed from another mother well.  To be everything loving and caring and good to them.  All of your children wildly adore you.  They are bonded, connected, and attached to you.  They love you fiercely, truly, genuinely, and I know that only comes from hard work in the home.  From saying yes to showing up for them each day.  From working hard for them.  From advocating for them and sacrificing more of you, to give them what they need.  To give unconditional love and security that you have been gifted to give.  You are a one of a kind.  Beyond being a mother, the way you speak of your husband, the way you connect women and love people in your community.  You are a treasured gift.  You bring light to the dark spaces.  You are true to your word, a woman of honor.  You are a delight to be around.  The radiate the love of Christ, and are walking forth in your calling well my friend. I am so blessed to have met you. 

The Allyn Family.  The most beautiful picture of redemption.  Of being chosen.  Of choosing to step into love and grace.  To say yes to little ones.  To make a better way for them, to provide all that you can to say, I love you and you are mine.  To create the most beautiful family, the most incredible picture of the gospel.  Thank you for saying yes.  

This is love. 

This is the gospel.  

This is adoption. 

Advocating Rich stories of Hope, Making Extraordinary of the Seemingly Ordinary. 

Making space for your call. 

Thank you!! 


Resources to Get Involved: 

Agency used and highly recommended by the Allyn Family: Lifeline Children's Services

Book Recommendations by Lisa: You Can Adopt Without Debt by Julie Gumm

***Also, be on the lookout MONDAY MORNING as I go LIVE on Facebook and Instagram to share with you an exciting new partnership project I will be doing to also get involved behind orphan care.  Maybe your calling isn't to adopt, but maybe you are called to rather help one child in other ways.  Maybe you are called to give a little extra for one child? 

Thank you everyone for taking part in reading this incredible adoption story!! Did you love it as much as I did?!!  I hope you will join to join me with more families coming!! And, it would be such a blessing to the Allyns I am sure to share their story as well as comment with love and support for them! What an incredible blessing to share! Thank you as always for reading! 






Chosen; Northwest Indiana Lifestyle Family Photographer


Chosen; Northwest Indiana Lifestyle Family Photographer

Chosen and Loved

"You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit- fruit that will last."  John 15:16 

Lately I have been so reminded of how I have been chosen, we each have.  And as I reflect in the beauty and peace of this truth, I am reminded that deep down, we each so deeply long to be seen, to be heard, to not be forgotten in this world.  We long to be loved and accepted and CHOSEN. 

Chosen for goodness, 

Chosen for grace, 

Chosen for purpose,

Chosen for calling, 

Chosen for mission, 

Chosen for love, 

Chosen for acceptance, 

Chosen for success, 

Chosen for victory, 

Chosen for value, 

Chosen for identity. 

You, me, together we are by grace CHOSEN.  

And there is no place I would rather be. 


Rest Secure

As we are chosen we are also held within the beautiful arms of Christ.  With Him, we are enough.  No need for crazy fame or perfect lives, for we are enough just as we are.  And even through our mistakes and failures (Which believe me, I seem to run to), He still chooses us time and time again.  We can rest secure that He is there and He sees the rejection around us, He hears the lonely cries we desperately weep through in the darkest hours of the night, He knows the despair and failure that runs through our veins.  And yet, He still chooses us.  We are still enough.  We still have value and purpose.  Because the fact of the matter is that as we surrender ourselves to Him, it is not really us working anymore, but rather Him through us. He is alone our source of strength and wisdom and satisfaction.  And that for me is incredibly freeing.  I may fail in my own strength, or my own plans, but the Lord has a purpose.  And in that I can rest secure. 


Truth over Feelings 

So, looking practically into accepting that we are chosen in our lives each day, I try to remember the truths over my feelings.  Feelings can be so misleading  and can simply distract from the call at hand.  Not to say they are not also good for leaning into intuition and seeking fellowship with others, but they can also lead into paths of deep deep destruction of our minds and thus our actions.  So, here are some practical ways to continue to accept the that you are Chosen for such a time as this: 

1. Repeat truths each morning in front of a mirror.  

This may seem a little silly, but guys there is something about speaking truth, OUT LOUD to yourself, in front of a mirror.  I am able to accept it better and hold onto it better throughout the day.  (When I actually do it.  Speaking to myself as well! ) 

2. Surround yourself with good people. 

Good, genuine friends are so key.  Friends that aren't afraid to go into the hard places with you as well as call out the lies you may be telling yourself and speak truth over you,  Let's be honest that there are seasons where the darkness is so dark that we simply are blinded to the truth of the light and need others around us to lift us into the light.  And that is ok.  Keep good people around you and don't be afraid to approach them for help! (And friends, maybe you are like me and genuine friends are hard to come by, because you don't speak easily to people or put yourself out there enough.  But let me say this.  Pray.  Pray that God will bring that person to you and I believe He will answer!  Pray and be available for an answer.) 

3. Write down the times that God has shown up in your life/ He has chosen you! 

When I am feeling incredibly rejected or unwanted, I try to go back to the times when the Lord has shown up in my life. It reminds me of His faithfulness, His goodness, His truth and how He holds firm to His promises. 

4. Advocate for Yourself! 

Be on your knees before the Lord and ask Him to remind you of how you are chosen and what you are chosen for.  Do not give up on yourself or the plans that the Lord has for you.  For He is good, and although our ways are not His ways, He is so so good.  Remember that He wants the best for us and advocate for yourself! 

5. Cling to the Hope of Christ Always.  

Even if you don't feel chosen, remember that Christ was chosen.  He was chosen to come and rescue the world.  He had an incredibly hard task, the hardest asked of any human, and yet His reward was the most beautiful of all; redemption for mankind.  Just because the road is full of rejection and hurt of the world, cling to the hope of Christ. He just may have something far greater than you could ever imagine in store for you.  You are CHOSEN. 


Adoption Project

Because of this idea: Chosen, my heart is drawn ever so closely to orphans around the world.  My heart bleeds for them, as I feel every child deserves to be Chosen.  Every child deserves a fighting chance to have the best life possible.  I feel I am chosen to advocate these rich stories of hope and bring awareness to others so that it might spur forth change in the lives of others.  There are so many beautiful ways to help orphans around the world.  Maybe it is adoption, or maybe it is supporting an organization that aids in orphan care and family reconciliation.  Maybe it is  aiding in education around the world.  And maybe your call is far beyond orphan care.  But even so, would you partner with me to pray for these children around the world?  Pray that hope might come, that each child in need might be Chosen, taken care of and given a fighting chance at life.  

And even within your own space, how can you bring hope to those who feel forgotten, abandoned, or don't feel chosen?  What is your part?  


What is your Part?

Would you like to help be a part of reducing poverty around the world while also getting gorgeous images of you and your family?  Would you like to come alongside me and celebrate the beginning of a new school year and education here, by also stepping in and helping a child in need receive education as well?  Let's celebrate education together!!  If this is you, keep a look out on my social media handles as I will be announcing all the details coming VERY soon!!! I cannot wait for you to be a part!! 

Let's each do our one thing, our small part to change the world! 

Places to follow along: 

Thank you so much for following along as I combine family and couples photography with humanitarian efforts around the world!! I am so grateful for this space and for each and every one of you!! So rooting for you friends!! Let me know how I can encourage you on your journey!