About Laura

Creative, passionate, simple. This is me, a photographer, writer, living in new mercies each day with my husband and two young children at my feet.  We live our days simply, soaking in the fresh country air, chasing chickens and ducks, running free in our wide open fields and escaping to adventure lands on sand piles. 

I believe photography is a way for me to see the beauty in the world all around me. There is joy here, even within the cracks of the broken places and I am grateful for that. I am drawn to the authenticity of a story, the flaws, the messy, all of it. I believe it is through our weaknesses that we are able to value the strengths within, thus reminding us of the beautiful, unstoppable light we hold within us. There is such a quiet strength there.  I document rich stories of hope, making extraordinary of the seemingly ordinary.  Your story is far richer than you may think! Although you may feel weak, tired, and worn, inadequate and not enough, I want to pull out your beauty, strength, treasure, and precious value and display it for all to see, most importantly yourself. Let’s create something wild, powerful and freeing all at the same time. Let’s create visual poetry for your walls, a beautiful promise of the incredible love that holds the strands of fabric within your family together. For I know your story is something fierce to behold.

My story consists of heartache, loss, and failure, but also rich joy, triumphs and beautiful transformation.  Photography started for me after the loss of our first child.  It became and incredibly healing place for me, a place for me to see beauty past the pain.  A place to find love, find joy once more in my life.  And now, it continues to be that for me.  A rich place to rest in hope and peace, as I am able to document the details of each moment, each stage of my life and the growth of my children as they pass by in the blink of an eye. It is also an incredible honor to be able to see the world through different eyes and see families and couples for the wonderful purpose they are living and the difference their lives are making with each other and expanding into the lives of others around the world.  

I am a deep thinker with a heart for the least of these.  I long to bring hope to those living with no hope.  I want to make a difference in this world reaching farther than myself, deeper than my own desires, and radiating farther than I can see.  I want lives to be transformed all through the beautiful transformation of mindset, captured in images.  I believe in supporting those working to help bring justices to the injustices of the world.  I believe in adoption and grace and sacrifice.  I believe one simple act of kindness can change the world.   I am a dreamer and I believe this is possible.  Let's go change the world one heart at a time and create something wildly beautiful in the process! 



Laura has been featured on the MOPS Blog and through many platforms beginning with Hello From the Mighty on a story of identical twins with Down Syndrome.