The Advocate Hope Shop was founded as a space to work with local artisans, crafting handmade, high quality, beautiful goods in an effort to not only support the local community, but also to raise funds for the Duggleby Family as they are in process of adoption through Burundi, Africa. 

Each item is handmade.  Each item contributes towards the local artisans involved, as well as the Duggleby family adoption.  

We have truly strived to make products that are highly sought after, quality items you would truly enjoy having, and be blessed by.  We believe firmly that each person has a rich story to tell, and for us, this is just an added piece of it.  Selling valuable goods to help brings some children home, to provide a loving, stable family for those in need.  To do our small part in the orphan crisis around the world.  

Thank you for being a part!  




Our Story 

My husband Josh and I have always had a heart for adoption.  Even from a young age, high school even, I can remember my heart breaking for the orphans around the world, for those facing injustices that were never meant for them, especially children.  Life can just be completely cruel at times.  However, I am a firm believer in hope.  I believe that we each have a story to tell and a part to play in bringing joy and hope to the world, by the grace of our Heavenly Father.  

In July of 2016 we moved from Kansas to NW Indiana.  We moved to farmland and started living the country life.  It was here that our hearts began being pulled once more into adoption.  I began to have dreams, and quite honestly could not get the thought off my mind.  So, after a lot of prayer, and about a year of research we are stepping into adoption.  We aren't quite sure what all it will look like.  We aren't sure the details, but we know the call.  


Why Burundi?

Burundi is a small African country located just southeast of Rwanda.  If you know us, than you know we love Rwanda.  We have traveled there before,  myself twice, and we just have a special compassion for these people.  There is a genuine spirit about them and yet, we also have seen firsthand some of the reality of hardships that exist.  Rwanda is not open to international adoption, however we actually know some boys who grew up in Burundi and now live in Rwanda.  It was extremely important for us, if we were to adopt internationally as we felt called, to also somewhat know and understand the culture from where we are adopting.  We know that we will never fully understand, but it is important for us to understand what we can so that we might be able to pass it along to our future child/ren.  We want them to understand their heritage and value it.  So, with that we ended up choosing Burundi.  It is unfortunately  one of the poorest countries in Africa due to its large farming community and reliance on the weather to determine living means.  There are many in need, and we are simply stepping forth to be willing.  We do want to add that we believe first in family reconciliation when living parents exist.  If this is just not possible, than we advocate for trying to get the children adopted by other family, or those within the community in order to keep the children within their cultural norm.  However, when last resorts are needed, we do believe in international adoption, and that is where we believe we might become part of the picture? 


More than One?

So, as of now, are hearts are open to sibling pairs.  We don't know why we feel called to this, and we know the adjustment would be a little crazy, but we are open to it none the less.  Hence forth, another reason we felt the Lord leading us to Burundi, as they are in great need of people to adopt and be open to siblings.  We would never break a family, and hence, we would be happy to add more than one child to our already growing family if it happens to be a need.  


How to Help?

There are several ways that you can be a part of our adoption process.  The first is to pray.  Goodness we would so appreciate any and all prayers.  We are stepping out in faith, answering a call we believe has been placed on our lives, but we also have some major needs.  So, we would love any and all prayers over our family; prayers that we would be able to raise all the funds we need, prayers over Shiloh and Thomas (our two biological children) that they would feel loved and well cared for through this transition time, and that their hearts would be protected through it all, prayer for Josh and I to remain rooted in the gospel and the truths of the word as we are bound to face many trials along the way, and prayers over our future child/ren.  Prayer that they would be protected from any more hurt or trauma, prayer that their hearts might be filled with comfort and peace, and prayer that they might be open to the love we hope to provide them with. 

Secondly, we are going to be looking to raise $50-60,000 during this estimated 2 year process.  (*There is a specific financial breakdown listed below*) If you would like to simply donate you can do so through the button below. '


Or, we would love for you to check out our shop, and potentially share with any friends or family whom you think might be interested.  Getting the word out so that more people have access to our products and our story is truly the most amazing gift.  We believe that everything is better together, and we know that we cannot do this alone.  We are in need of support and help.  And we are so grateful for the community we have around us!! Thank you so much for being a part! 

Feel free to also join our shop newsletter to stay up with all the new releases into our shop as well as adoption updates! 


MEET the Artisans! 

This shop could not exist without our incredible artisans that we have partnered with!! We are so grateful for each of them and their beautiful stories!! 



Trish is the fonder and owner of her amazing clothing design company PGoodys.  She is also mother to 3 children, including one set of twin boys.  She enjoys creativity and living life in community with others. Trish has an amazing fashion and design eye and is super attentive to detail.  We feel incredibly blessed to have her on our team!  An AMAZING talent to be sure!! 

Mary Headshot


Mary, a true talent within the sewing room.  She is now retired and spends much of her free time, dreaming, designing and sewing for fun.  She makes incredible pieces and is now a team member of The Advocate Hope Shop.  Apart from sewing she enjoys travel, soaking in her cat Jay, time with friends and family, reading and biking.   Her perfect day involves hours spent creating on her machine.  A true creative at heart.  We may be partial because she is family, but truly we could not be happier to have her with us here in this shop.  Mary is one of the most servant-hearted women.  She loves people well and consistently shows up when there is a need.  We are so blessed to have such incredible talent and heart right at our fingertips.  

Jamie Fankhauser


Jamie is founder of BUN's Soapbox, organic goat's milk soaps.  Outside of her soap company, she is also a mother to three beautiful girls, Brooke, Brianne and Ava as well as wife to her husband Jamie (or otherwise called BUN by her ;) ).  Jamie is truly one of the gentlest people you will ever come across.  It is no surprise that she makes a product that is soothing and refreshing, for she represents the same with her life.  She is a delight for any you get the priviledge to encounter her.  We are just delighted to have her as a part of this project! 

Melissa Headshot

MELISSA MILLER of Sweet Melissa Desserts

Meet my gorgeous friend Melissa.  Melissa is owner of Sweet Melissa Desserts.  She is kind and compassionate and truly the most hospitable person I have ever met!!  And she makes the best desserts alive, like melt in your mouth every time goodness.  She has incredible talent in and out of the kitchen, and it is such an honor to have her on our team.  I think your tastebuds will be pretty excited as well! 

Toni Headshot


Toni is our handcrafted jewelry designer.  She is not only hilarious, but also incredibly full of wisdom.  I think in part as she has traveled the world in ministry work and now works within Social Work.  She has designed jewelry as a hobby for years and has grown incredibly gifted within it.  She also loves her cats and her dog Darryl.  She is just a fun person to be around, and always gives you encouragement and bits of knowledge when getting to be in her company.  We are just thrilled that she is designing pieces for our shop!! 

Laura Headshot


Laura is founder of the Advocate Hope Shop.  Laura is a stay at home mother to her two little ones, and  a family and couples photographer.  She has an incredible passion to advocate rich stories of hope through her photography and life, coming alongside orphan care, making extraordinary of the seemingly ordinary.  She loves a good run, getting a few minutes in a good book with a cup of hot tea to sip on, or time spent journaling, writing or simply taking the time to slow down and soak in this beautiful life around her.   She loves to remind women that pain and beauty can coincide.  That we do not have to have everything together to yet still enjoy a joyful, fulfilling life full of purpose and value.  Her heart is to remind people that they are seen, heard and so worthy of love.  



Financial Breakdown 

So, as we mentioned, we are looking to raise $50-60,000.  Over the next two years.  Here are specific numbers for those interested: (Based on adopting two children) 

Estimated Cost to Adopt From Burundi (as supplied through our adoption agency: Children of All Nations): 

Homestudy: $1,937.98- PAID! 

Children of All Nations Application Fee: $250- PAID!  

Agency Professional Fees: $6376- PAID!   

USCIS Filing: $775- PAID!

Fingerprinting: $85/ Adult = $170- PAID!

Adoption Training: $125-250- PAID!

Dossier Paperwork: $400-800- PAID!  

Foreign Adoption Program Fee: $3,000

In-Country Adoption Fee: $11,000

Travel- International Flights-Coach- Per Adult: $1200-1500 = 3,000 (or 6,000 ideally so that we could bring Shiloh and Thomas with us) 

Intra- Country Travel- Per Adult- Includes: accommodations, travel and meals: $900-1000 = 4000 (for all 4 of us included) 

 Travel- Adoptive Child Travel Flight to US- Per child: $200-1500 = 3,000

Adoptive child visa- Per Child: $325 = 650 

Adoptive Child Medical Exam- Per Child: $90 = 180

Ministry Fee- Per Placement: $3,500 = 7,000

Post Adoption Reports, 2 Reports Required: $300-600 per report = $1,200

Post Adoption Commitment Deposit: $600 

Total Adoption Expenses for two children (and bringing our own children): $49,251 

Additional Expenses: We will need to upgrade our vehicle to a minivan.  We will then most likely need carseats and such for our children as well. We are trying to raise an additional $10,000 for these expenses. 

Bringing the grand Goal Total to: $60,000. 

Thank you so much for praying for God to show up in big and radical ways for us in this department so that we might be able to influence more for His Kingdom.  This is quite a big step for us, but we can't wait to show off just how great and BIG our God is!  

Do you or anyone you know have a product you would be interested in placing within the shop?  We are open to working with others if it is a good fit.  Feel free to connect with us below! 


The Duggleby Family, 

   Laura, Josh, Shiloh and Thomas 



How Much Have We Raised?! Here are our Totals so Far.  

July 2017 Garage Sale- $201. 

Oct. 2017- Cookies for Josh- $2,025

Running for Hope Fundraiser- $367

Tea Party Event- $1400

Separate Donations- $4,025

The Advocate Hope Shop-$2,752.85

TOTAL TO DATE: $10,770.85 of 60,000 goal!