I believe in stories, I believe that every life matters and I believe that we are called to help the least of these, whether that means doing the physical labor, or supporting those who do.  I think that we can all play our part in this world of bringing hope, advocating for what is right, and good.  It is because of this that 10% of EVERY session with Laura Duggleby Photography goes toward Karundas Children's Home through Kids Alive International.  This home cares for abandoned or orphaned AIDS affected children as well girls who are victims of sexual abuse.  

Portrait of child's hair

I am also extremely excited to begin partnering with other organizations who are working hard in different areas to bring aid to this orphan crisis.  One organization I am currently working with is KEFA Project.  They are a sports organization, working with street children and vulnerable youth, through sport, to bring forth hope, share the love of Christ, and provide necessary resources and education to help give these children a fighting chance in the world, a future.  They are truly doing some amazing work around family reconciliation and restoration when possible.  I love that they are doing the work to help prevent the rise of the orphan crisis in Rwanda.  They are standing firm on the preventative end which is so so needed as well!  I am currently booking mini sessions in which each session directly sponsors a child through KEFA Project.  If you would like to learn more or be a part, check our my blog post here: 


Or click here to chat and book a session; to help be a world changer today! 

If you are or know of an organization that has a heart for orphan care and is interested in documenting your story, or partnering together to help change lives and fight for justice and hope together, I would love to hear from you!! For stories truly can change hearts and change the world!