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A story of Comfort from New Beginnings: Lifestyle Family Photographer: Northwest, IN

Witnessing the Most Beautiful Love Story

I drive into the neighborhood nested within a protective covering of the trees; a beautiful forest surrounding me with peace and comfort.  I step into the home, and an immediate comfort meets me there.  Gentle kisses, warm hugs, tender encouragement pouring out from this beautiful home, the beautiful people nested here.  Birth is hard, motherhood is hard- requiring great sacrifice and diligence, yet Chelsea meets it with the purest compassion, the richest devotion, the most beautiful love story.  

A Letter to Loryn:

To the sweet new Loryn, you are already loved hard and loved well.  You are surrounded by the best people, your people.  The birds sing and the trees rejoice, covering you in goodness, for your coming is so sweet.  You bring an overwhelming joy and delight.  You are calm and peaceful.  May you be destined for greatness in this life, a champion of your heart.  For you, my dear are dearly beloved, deeply loved and richly blessed. 

Letter to Londyn:

Oh my heart you are a lover!  You already love your sister so well and your momma is incredibly blessed by you. You will protect your sisters so well in the days to come.  You, sweet boy are destined for greatness.

A Letter to Chelsea:

Momma, what an amazing job you are doing! Your children fiercely love you and your husband adores you.  Knowing you personally, I know your gracious and loving heart.  You are a treasured diamond, a rich and rare find.  Your family is certainly blessed by you!  You are the best of the best my friend!

Letter to Leighton:

Oh your beautiful eyes.  You have rich compassion, caring well for your dolls and your beautiful baby sister. Your bond with daddy is the absolute sweetest there is.  Hold on to him tightly forever, never let him go, for rich treasure resides there.

A Letter to Jacob:

Jacob, what a fun-loving, servant-hearted, leader you are for your family.  You invest in your children well and I can see your adoration of Chelsea all over.  What a beautiful, beautiful love, even after 3 children.  :)   The respect and admiration of you from your family is apparent. You are a rich treasure for them. 

Thank you for blessing me!!

Cohen family, thank you for blessing me by surrounding me with the comfort of your home.  People who know you are better for it, I am better for being able to see a part of your rich story.  Congratulations on this beautiful season of your beautiful story.  Yours is truly a precious one!!



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