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How to Prepare for a Family Session: Laura Duggleby Photography: Northwest Indiana


How to Prepare for a Family Session: Laura Duggleby Photography: Northwest Indiana

First Steps: Mental Preparation: 

So, you have family pictures on the books and have found an amazing photographer to capture some amazing images for you and your family, but how do you prepare so that you feel ready to go and relaxed?

  • List out activities that are important to you and your family 

Let your photographer know what you like to do with your family, what comes naturally to you, how you and your family hang out, whether that be, hanging out at the park or watching movies.  This will help your photographer know what is normal and typical for you and your family and how to relate well to you.  

  • Think about details you love and want to remember in this season with your family

These seasons of life fly by so quickly so think about things your little ones are doing or traits you never want to forget so that your photographer makes sure to pay special attention to it during your session.  For example:  does your little one have some beautiful curls that you want to remember or are they crazy attached to daddy in this season of life?  What are personalities that you see within your children that you love?   For my sessions it is incredibly important to me that I capture these things that are special to you, because every story is unique, and every family has their own story.  And, life goes by so quickly.  I know that you are trying to balance it all, between raising your children, loving your husband, growing a business, and having a somewhat social life on the side.  I get it, life is hard to manage it all, so let me, or your photographer make sure you use this session to capture every beautiful piece of it! 


Deciding Time of Session

  • Sunrise- Are you a morning person?  Do your young ones wake up super early in the morning?  If so, this might be a good time to shoot to stick with the natural rhythm of your family. 
  • Sunset- Are you a night owl?  Do your children go down late and sleep in in the morning?  Then, if your photographer is able, sunset might be the best time for you and your family to shoot. 

It's best just to think about what might work best for you and your family.  Keep in mind, that either way things might get a little off from the norm, and that is completely fine, but keeping it as close to normal as possible if you have little ones tends to work best. 


Picking Attire

It's wardrobe selection time!! Here are some tips I like to give people for choosing what to wear. 

  • Mommas, choose your outfit first.  You want to make sure you are in something that makes you feel lovely and beautiful, and yet that is also comfortable.  The last thing you want is to be constantly adjusting yourself during a session.  
  • After your outfit is all set, dress your little ones and your husband.  Make sure they are comfortable as well.   
  • Coordinate, don't match!! Make sure you coordinate your colors, but don't match everything together


Day Before Session: 

  • Pack bag of “Extras”- Change of clothes, toys, diapers, wipes, snacks, blankets, soothers, etc. 
  • Set an alarm to wake up for sunrise session or to start getting ready for sunset session. 


Day of Session:     

  •    Give extra time for preparation! 
  •    Try to leave early. 
  •    Wait to dress baby or small children until you get there in case of spit-up or messy snacks in car on commute
  •  Breastfeeding: 
    • 1. Either feed beforehand if you would not like to have it documented within the session, OR 
    • 2. Make sure to try and plan the feeding schedule to have a nursing during the session
  •    Bring soothing tools, blankets, favorite toy, or snacks to help calm child in case of a meltdown
  •    Extra change of clothes for you post session should baby spit up or anything on you! 
  •    Don’t forget baby necessities- diapers, wipes, clothes, etc.  (An extra outfit is always great with little ones)


Final Thought: 

  • Enjoy the Session!  Once you are there, make sure to just let things be and enjoy the time you have with your family all together.  Soak in the moments as they are happening.  Love those close to you well.  These moments are ever passing and these memories matter.  Your photographer will capture your family beautifully!  Enjoy the amazing story that is being written just for you! 



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