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The days are slow, but the impact is eternal; Wilson Family Session; Ft. Worth, Texas


The days are slow, but the impact is eternal; Wilson Family Session; Ft. Worth, Texas

Taking in the slow one bit at a time 

The minutes tick, the seconds slow,

the clock goes round, that which I know. 

The days are hard, 

My patience thin, 

I long to breathe a sigh of relief again. 

My eyes are weary, my heart is worn, 

To be a mother, always torn. 

Torn between seeking relaxation, rest and ease, 

And yet knowing there is a calling much higher than these. 

For little hands and little hearts seek constant attention, constant love, 

Tantrums and selfishness and lessons must begin. 

The days are long, the hours ticking by, 

I see you mama out there, I hear your cries.  

I know the road is lonely, the path is narrow, 

But know that you are worth it, 

Your impact is eternal.  

The hard work you choose, constantly pressing in, pushing past exhaustion, attending to emotional and physical needs, 

It's eternal, the weight important, the cost valuable, the memories irreplaceable. 

So forget not to fight with all you can, all you have within you, to press on dear mama. 

I know the days are long and the hours are ticking by, but you are seen sweet friend, 

Your work is not in vain.  

It is worth it.  Eternity is being invested in. 


Soaking in the Seasons

The Wilson family is one of those families that knows the joys of resting within the slow, soaking in these seasons of the younger years with children, and adjusting to all that is held there.  There is an overwhelming peace about them.  Have they known trials, of course!  But they have also known unspeakable joy.  Lauren is so great at bending of herself to address the needs of her children, and this quiet strength shines through her.  Living in the country themselves, this open space was like their safe haven, their comfort ground.  They were free and in each other's arms and all was well.  From the tender stroking of hair, to joyful dancing, rich love was experienced here, and I was just the joyful bystander.  To witness these moments unfolding before my camera, well it is truly the greatest gift!  May we each take some slower breaths this week, and remember that this gift of family is truly a gift.  Messy and hard, but worth it.  

I hope all of you mothers out there truly know the incredibly impact you are making within your children's lives.  You are rich treasures, far more valuable than you could ever know!! 


Letter to the Wilson Family

You guys, the truest form of love rests within you.  You seek to know and follow the Lord with your heart, and that shines through with your children as well.  A peace falls on you, and there is patience beyond words with your children.  Lauren and Taylor, you put each other first, and that flows over into security and safe affirmation for Emma and Ellie.  There is so much beauty resting within the gentle spaces of your family and it was just a delight to see it unfold before me. 

Lauren- my dear Lauren.  The years we have known together as friends, and your heart has only grown stronger, more compassionate and kind.  You are one of the gentlest, and yet driven women I know.  You seek the Lord with all your heart and leave nothing to waste.  You are head over heals in love with your sweet Taylor and the way you affirm and love him is so beautiful.  You are so patient with your girls, affirming them over and over again, intentional and wise in leading them up in the ways of the Lord.  Your heart grows beyond your years sweet one, and I just cannot believe that I get to call you friend.  Thank you for all these years, and what a joy it is to walk through motherhood together. 

Emma- Oh what a little caretaker you are!  Following in your mamas footsteps.  You love little Ellie so well and she is so lucky to have you as her sister.  You are confident in your own and with a tender heart, you will move mountains one day.  You will be a heart changer sweet one. 

Ellie- So full of adventure and on the move!! I love how little you are and yet it does not stop you one bit!!  Your little smile is so incredibly sweet.  You are so adored by your entire family. They are sure to love and lead you well! 

Taylor- I love how go with the flow you are.  You truly rest in each moment, allowing it to come to you as it may and responding within it.  You are a constant peace for your family to lean into and rely upon.  You love Lauren so so well and that radiates from your relationship.  Your girls are just smitten with you!  You are the best daddy to them!   Thank you so much for the way you serve your family and your community.  It truly does not go unnoticed. 


The days may be slow mamas, but your impact is eternal.  

Ephesians 5:16 "Making the most of every opportunity, for the says are evil."  

Satan is trying to steal your joy, numb your efforts, instill your exhaustion.  But may we endure the fight, pick up our armor and love well, invest well, fight well for these children of ours. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and don't give up dear one.  This journey isn't over yet, and your progress is coming.  Keep fighting dear sister.  

~Rooting for you, 



Always Faithful, Always True; Moren Family; Dallas/Fort Worth Family Photography


Always Faithful, Always True; Moren Family; Dallas/Fort Worth Family Photography

Always Faithful Always True.

Today I woke and feeling of inadequacy was rising high within me. 

The feelings of fear of facing the day ahead. 

Would people accept me?  Would I be rejected once more?

My qualifications versus the world's high standards seemed no match. 

Defeated before I even began.  Sitting in apprehension. 

But as I opened the Word of truth before me, my mind quietly stilled. 

Peace settled within my heart as I read Psalm 35:6

"Your steadfast love, oh Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds."

Yes, the Lord is faithful and true.  His love to the heavens, 

His faithfulness to the clouds. 

The Lord has not left me, He is here, and I am there.  

With Him I am enough, 

With Him I am my truest self, my freest self, my treasured, valued and enough self. 

In Christ, covered by the blood of the Lamb, my inadequacies are not more, my defeat no more. 

For the Lord is faithful.  The Lord conquers all.  The Lord is enough.  And He is in me, and I am in Him. 

And for today, that is enough.  

Always Faithful, Always True, Forevermore I rest in You. 


Inspiring Words to Live By 

I chose to write this poem with images from this gorgeous family, because well, the word Faithfulness describes them so perfectly.  I have known Lindsey from my middle school days.  And even through the time and distance, she remains an incredibly faithful friend.  Always there, always true, and always genuine in every way.  When I found out I was going to get to capture their sweet family within my time in Texas I was overjoyed!!  Because not only does Lindsey have a heart of gold, but her family is one for the books!  

And. as I have watched Lindsey and Grant grow within parenting it has been the most beautiful thing!! Growing in patience and love, adoration and joy.  Of course days are hard and long, but the peace and joy that about are that much sweeter.  The faithfulness they display with their children is unmatched.  Showing up in the best ways to be the best they can, in all the ways they can.  No parents are perfect to be sure, but Lindsey and Grant are incredibly intentional of the time they do have with their girls, and it is encouraging!!  Faithful and true.  Words they too are inspiring so many to live by. .


Letter to the Moren Family

You guys, words cannot even express my gratitude to you all.  You have been our rock, an amazing support system to us throughout the years.  We can go 6 months without chatting and catch up on the phone for an hour and a half, like we hadn't chatted since yesterday.  We truly admire you and feel incredibly blessed to have kept in good relation with you guys.  And parenting, I know it can be crazy hard, but my goodness are you doing a great job!  Your girls are the sweetest things alive and they breathe you both in contagiously.  We love you guys!! 

Lindsey- My dear Lindsey, oh the words I could write.  I have seen you grow into the most beautiful mama.  It has relaxed you in so many ways, as you soak in the treasures and gifts before you.  You take them in for all that they are and you affirm and uplift them.  Both those girls adore you to pieces!  And how Grant STILL lights up when you look at him.  Oh the love between you two!  You are such a treasure Linds!  Always a constant listening ear to come to, a sounding board for encouragement.  Words cannot even express my gratitude to you, or how blessed I am by our friendship. 

Hannah- Full of beauty and light.  You lead well dear girl, taking your sisters hand gently and guiding the way.  You are tender and kind, bringing out the best in others.  You will love and lead well sweet girl.  Continue beating to your own beautiful drum. 

Abigail- What a burst of energy and joy!  You keep your family on their toes for sure, but they wouldn't have it any other way!  Full of excitement and exploration.  You will take on the world and never look back!  Your stoic looks, the way you melt into your daddy's arms, the way you smile at mom, you are something special little one.  Never forget that! 

Grant- Tender and Kind.  Hannah gets a lot of her personality from you.  You are doing such a great job of tenderly loving all your girls.  The way you wrap them in your arms, comforted and held.  You are the safe place for your family to rest, constant and dependable.  You are such a light for Lindsey and a faithful source of love for your family.  Tender and Kind. 


Thank you Thank you Dear Friends!! 

And let's remember our truest form of Faithful and True this weekend. 


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3 Generations strong with Affirmation and Growth; NW Indiana Family Photographer


3 Generations strong with Affirmation and Growth; NW Indiana Family Photographer

Smelling the sweet aroma of compassion 

I met Melissa through a Rising Tide Group that I am a part of here in Indiana.  Melissa makes AMAZING desserts and treats and runs a successful business hosting workshops and spreading her joy everywhere she goes.  When she asked if I could take some photos of her with her mother and grandmother for her mother's birthday I was quite thrilled.  For you see, Melissa is one of the most compassionate, servant-hearted and talented woman I have ever met.  And truthfully, she follows directly in suite with her beautiful mother.  Their hearts beat for those around them and they serve however and whenever they can.  They are simply full of generosity and compassion, so it came at no surprise to me when Melissa mentioned that she has never heard an unkind word come out of her grandmother's mouth.  And upon meeting Sue as well, I believe it to be true.  Melissa, Sherry, Sue.  A beautiful tribe just as full of life as ever.   Three generations strong with affirmation and growth.  


Baking with Joy 

Something incredible about all three of these women?  They all love to bake together and are incredible gifted in it.  Many of Melissa's recipes come from her grandmother here, and her mother continues to help as well.  Three beautiful women, with beautiful hearts, with a giftedness in baking and serving.  Let me just say these are my women.   These are ladies that I adore being around.  But SO much more than the wonderful joys through taste they are able to give, there is such much richer they provide through relationship. 

One thing I firmly believe in, is spending time around the table in relationship with others.  There is something about this gift of quality time, intentional relationship and commonality on some level that stirs up relational growth and stability.  These women get that.  They understand the value within each other because they have taken time to cultivate a relationship that sees each other for who they truly are, the beautiful gift they are to the world.  And I just so wish, myself included that more of us could do this.  That more of us could take time intentionally around the table to talk with and invest in the ones we love.  To fully soak in the presence and gift of life in the room with us, and never let the moments slip by.  Each moment bears weight. May we make as many of them as we can count.  And may we also realize that on the times we aren't able to, there is always another opportunity.  For may we not be covered in guilt, but propelled through hope.  


Letter to Melissa, Sherry and Sue 

You three.  Three generations of compassion and love.  I don't know that I have met three woman as strong, loving and caring as the three of you together.  There is a bond that richly connects you through food, and yet also through the joy of life.  You each love and serve each other so well. You are bold and determined, yet attentive to others and open to listening to new ideas that may come.  I know these memories together, all three together are fading, but may you rejoice in the wonderful way in which it has been spent.   May you continue to radiate through each other for your remaining years and shed light and hope to others around you through your story.  You have an amazing gift of togetherness and I know you completely understand, see and treasure this value.  May you each take hold of all that you are, embrace it dearly and run fiercely ahead, for others need to see all that you have within you. 

Melissa- goodness my friend, you truly are a rich soul.  You make amazing desserts and entertain to a T, but you have much deeper value still.  You are an encourager, a quiet leader, a gentle beacon of light.  You are loyal and trustworthy.  You follow through on your words and check in on people simply because you honestly care.  You go the extra mile with every opportunity to serve and love on others.  You are a true gift and I am so blessed to know you! 

Sherry- I see every piece of where Melissa gets all of her amazing traits from you.  You are strong and yet so compassionate in your leading. You radiate hope everywhere you go.  Sherry you are the true definition of home.  Welcoming anyone with open arms, having them as long as they would like and serving them with every ounce of yourself.  You are a safe place, a trustworthy friend.  You are the best encourager of Melissa and I know she adores you with every ounce of her being.  You are one blessed mama, and people around you are so incredibly blessed by you. 

Sue- Although this was our first time meeting, I can see every bit of the joy Melissa so perfectly described radiating from within you.  You have a heart of gold and a mouth of love.  You so desperately long for and desire to build everyone up and rejoice in the process.  If a person ever were to extend full grace I think you would not be far behind.  You are leaving an amazing legacy behind you, with two generations following your lead.  You are wise.  You are strong.  You are beloved.  


Remembering Affirmation 

In closing, may we remember the importance of affirmation.  May we remember that these moments together are truly a gift, something to be treasured and leaned into instead of brushed aside.  May we feel the weight of the tender moments before us and rejoice in the opportunity at hand.  An opportunity for rich fullness of love and true relations.  It is never too late to start.   Each and every morning is a new opportunity for life, and for life to its fullest.  Let's jump in shall we?


I would love to document your own story of the heart!  Let's create something wildly beautiful together!