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Majesty and Mystery; The Freyenberger Family: NWI Lifestyle Family Photographer


Majesty and Mystery; The Freyenberger Family: NWI Lifestyle Family Photographer


There are pieces we can never understand, 

Concepts and ideas that will remain a mystery. 

The wonder of Your glory, 

The victory You claim over our lives, 

The freedom You bring, 

The peace You wash over us, 

Your majesty is far beyond what we could ever fathom, 

Your grace is a marvelous mystery. 

Majesty and mystery, the beautiful collision. 

Undeserved, misunderstood, yet forever grateful. 

There is no one like You,

There is no love like Yours. 

Full rescue, full freedom, full surrender, fullness complete and without want. 

You are our greatest joy, our purest blessing, our richest reward.  

Majesty and mystery.  

There could be no greater collision. 


Joy in Chaos 

Friends, you would never even know it, but it was crazy cold on the day of this session.  Yet, the Freyenberger family was just amazing!  Something that was crazy evident throughout my time with them, was their fight for joy despite what the circumstances looked liked. It was not only cold, but it was also misting when our session began.  And yet, this is how they showed up, full of joy and beautiful grace despite the chaos occurring around them.  Despite the crummy circumstances outlying the day, they fought for joy, and they won.  If you know them, than you know what I am saying is true, but they truly fight for people. They are honest and loyal and genuine. They are calm and at peace.  They are true to themselves, and they are able to enjoy being together.  That is enough for them.  I so wish this for all families. To be able to appreciate and soak in the beauty found in the mundane.  For there is where majesty lies, right there in the mystery of the mundane. 


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Letter to the Freyenbergers

The Freyenberger family. Goodness, you guys were such a delight and a joy to be around.  You totally made 35 degrees and mist feel warm that day.  There is this light that shines from you guys, this aroma of contentment to just be and soak each other in.  And what a powerful testament that is to your faithfulness to each other and the way that you love each other.  Thank you so much for blessing me above and beyond what I could have ever imagined by giving me a larger glimpse into your beautiful life. 

Luke- You are a servant at heart to be sure.  You protect Joel well and make sure everything is in order.  And  yet, everything is done with kindness.  You extend all of yourself and the outpouring of that is the richest connections with others and compassion for others.  Never lose that fight you have in you for others.  It is going to lead you to great places one day! 

Joel- the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  Even as I was editing your images, I couldn't stop smiling as I looked over you.  You have a way of bringing joy to all that you touch.  Carefree and full of life, you whisper joy into the life of those around you.   Thanks for just being you Joel! 

Craig- Quiet, Firm and Steadfast.  You quietly lead your family well Craig.  It doesn't take a lot of words, and yet, you can lead in joy through action.  The boys just long to grow up and be like you some day, and what a great example you are providing for them. Not only in leading well, and loving well, but also in serving well.  Serving them, and even moreso serving Rachel.  The way you tenderly look at her, the simple eye glance check in to make sure everything is all right, the warm embrace, and gentle kiss on the forehead.  There is a strong gentleness about you, and it is such an encouragement to see.  Thank you for serving your people so well and being a great example for other men to look to. 

Rachel- oh dear Rachel, where to even begin. There are some people that just stick with you, and you are one of them.  Not only because of the countless ways that you have shown up for and supported my family, but also in all the unseen ways that you serve, love and encourage others.  You are an amazing encourager.  You speak life into your boys and Craig.  You are not caught up in nagging or strife, but rather you intentionally build up in love.  The way you approach your boys in gentleness and love.  It just radiates compassion from you.  Luke gets his compassion for others from you, surely.  You are doing such a great job Rachel, mothering, serving your people well, and being the firm root they can come to when needed.  And not that you are perfect, but rather, that you point them to the One who is, and that is where the true compassion lies.  So grateful for you and for our friendship, and forever grateful to be able to take these images for you guys! 


Fighting for Joy 

Friends, I hope that this week you fight for joy in your life.  That you are able to see the majesty of our creator, and the mystery that lies in all His goodness. We will never fully be able to comprehend the complexity of all He is, or all He has done for us, but I do think that we can worship Him for the faithful God we know Him to be.  And although life is not always easy, most of the time filled with hardship and pain, we can rest in knowing that He is faithful, He is good, He is true, and He is where we can rest.  He can provide overwhelming joy no matter what the circumstance.  Are you ready for it?! 

~Rooting for you dear one! 


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Be the Light; Portrait Session; Northwest Indiana Photographer


Be the Light; Portrait Session; Northwest Indiana Photographer

Choose Light. 

"You are the light of the world.  A town built on a hill cannot be hidden." 

When fear presses in, choose light.  

When darkness creeps in, choose light.  

When valleys come, walk step by step, keep moving forwards to the hill where the light cannot be hidden.  

When hard days come, cling to the light, cling to hope. 

When depression hits, choose light. 

When disappointments linger, choose light. 

When relationships fail, choose light. 

When health declines, choose light. 

When storms are waging, hold on tight dear one, and light a candle, choose light. 

When hearts are heavy, drink deep the light of faith. 

When burdens run deep, choose to trust the light that never fades.  

For light covers darkness, light heals hurts, light restores and redeems, a light on a hill cannot be hidden; light, it is the rescue for our desperate souls. 

Choose light.


The Unexpected Blessing 

I first met Missy at a photography conference last year in Seattle.  We both had traveled there, and happened to end up in one of the same classes.  In time, we discovered that we were both ex gymnasts and now budding photographers.  AND that we had both competed gymnastics at the collegiate level within the MAC conference, AND we both knew my old coach.  Seriously, it was crazy!  We clearly became instant friends, and I have just so treasured getting to know Missy little by little over the course of this past year.  She is everything kind, compassionate and loyal.  She loves her family intensely and gives of herself in radical ways.  She radiates life and hope, and joy simply from chatting with her, as well as her consistent encouragement and support.  She is one of those people you meet, and you can't stop thanking the Lord for His generosity in bringing a person such as Missy into your life.  She truly brings light into the dark spaces.  


Be the Light

I just love that Matthew 5:14 states that a town built on a hill cannot be hidden.  It is such a reminder to me that first off, in life we have to work for things.  This town was built, it took time to cultivate, but it also consisted of people and community.  But, then, they built on a hill.  I can only image the labor that was involved, transporting goods and supplies to built this town, up and down a large hill.  I am sure it was timely, I am sure it was hard, I am sure there was mess involved, and I am sure there were times they wanted to give up.  But, they didn't and once completed, it could not be hidden. It was a beacon of light, a treasured masterpiece to be adored.  And this is the same with Christ.  I sometimes feel like an uphill battle, daily choosing light, but once we experience His presence, His true light, once we remind ourselves of the truth of the gospel, the hope we have access too, well true light abounds, and it cannot be hidden.  The Lord is above all, and in all and through all.  He cannot be hidden, His love and light will radiate far beyond our wildest dreams or imaginations.  So dream big, reach far, run higher than you thought you ever could, because I know that nothing is too big for Him or too far beyond His reach.  So, if you are feeling in darkness, keep walking up that hill sister, for He will meet you at the top of that hill, and He is with you every step of the way as you climb out of the valley.  

And as we discover His light, our only response can be to Be the Light.  To spread hope and love to those around us, and I just LOVE that this is what my friend has decided to do with  a special project within her photography.  She is currently running a project called BE THE LIGHT, where she is offering a free photography session to someone in need.  I think if we each did this, if we each chose ONE way that we could give of ourselves, how much more light we could have in this world?  No doubt we will always have darkness too, for we all struggle with our own things, myself included, but the beauty of it is that we can wake up and remind ourselves that grace exists admits the darkness and the light is still there, the hope is still there.  It never fades.  

So, please check out more of what Missy is doing here:


Accept your Sphere of Influence

So, my friends, may we each remember our sphere of influence.  May we hold tightly to it, and work hard within it.  May we spread the light where we are able, running to Jesus on the hard days, and easy days alike as we desperately need His outpouring and love over us.  May we be quick to listen, slow to speak, and negligent to judge.  May we go first to apologize and may we go first weeding through the darkness in our own hearts so that light truly has a chance to burst through.  For the world is waiting, the world needs more light, the world needs more truth, the world needs more people to stand firm and be the  light.  You are the girl for the job sister.  You've got this! 



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The days are slow, but the impact is eternal; Wilson Family Session; Ft. Worth, Texas


The days are slow, but the impact is eternal; Wilson Family Session; Ft. Worth, Texas

Taking in the slow one bit at a time 

The minutes tick, the seconds slow,

the clock goes round, that which I know. 

The days are hard, 

My patience thin, 

I long to breathe a sigh of relief again. 

My eyes are weary, my heart is worn, 

To be a mother, always torn. 

Torn between seeking relaxation, rest and ease, 

And yet knowing there is a calling much higher than these. 

For little hands and little hearts seek constant attention, constant love, 

Tantrums and selfishness and lessons must begin. 

The days are long, the hours ticking by, 

I see you mama out there, I hear your cries.  

I know the road is lonely, the path is narrow, 

But know that you are worth it, 

Your impact is eternal.  

The hard work you choose, constantly pressing in, pushing past exhaustion, attending to emotional and physical needs, 

It's eternal, the weight important, the cost valuable, the memories irreplaceable. 

So forget not to fight with all you can, all you have within you, to press on dear mama. 

I know the days are long and the hours are ticking by, but you are seen sweet friend, 

Your work is not in vain.  

It is worth it.  Eternity is being invested in. 


Soaking in the Seasons

The Wilson family is one of those families that knows the joys of resting within the slow, soaking in these seasons of the younger years with children, and adjusting to all that is held there.  There is an overwhelming peace about them.  Have they known trials, of course!  But they have also known unspeakable joy.  Lauren is so great at bending of herself to address the needs of her children, and this quiet strength shines through her.  Living in the country themselves, this open space was like their safe haven, their comfort ground.  They were free and in each other's arms and all was well.  From the tender stroking of hair, to joyful dancing, rich love was experienced here, and I was just the joyful bystander.  To witness these moments unfolding before my camera, well it is truly the greatest gift!  May we each take some slower breaths this week, and remember that this gift of family is truly a gift.  Messy and hard, but worth it.  

I hope all of you mothers out there truly know the incredibly impact you are making within your children's lives.  You are rich treasures, far more valuable than you could ever know!! 


Letter to the Wilson Family

You guys, the truest form of love rests within you.  You seek to know and follow the Lord with your heart, and that shines through with your children as well.  A peace falls on you, and there is patience beyond words with your children.  Lauren and Taylor, you put each other first, and that flows over into security and safe affirmation for Emma and Ellie.  There is so much beauty resting within the gentle spaces of your family and it was just a delight to see it unfold before me. 

Lauren- my dear Lauren.  The years we have known together as friends, and your heart has only grown stronger, more compassionate and kind.  You are one of the gentlest, and yet driven women I know.  You seek the Lord with all your heart and leave nothing to waste.  You are head over heals in love with your sweet Taylor and the way you affirm and love him is so beautiful.  You are so patient with your girls, affirming them over and over again, intentional and wise in leading them up in the ways of the Lord.  Your heart grows beyond your years sweet one, and I just cannot believe that I get to call you friend.  Thank you for all these years, and what a joy it is to walk through motherhood together. 

Emma- Oh what a little caretaker you are!  Following in your mamas footsteps.  You love little Ellie so well and she is so lucky to have you as her sister.  You are confident in your own and with a tender heart, you will move mountains one day.  You will be a heart changer sweet one. 

Ellie- So full of adventure and on the move!! I love how little you are and yet it does not stop you one bit!!  Your little smile is so incredibly sweet.  You are so adored by your entire family. They are sure to love and lead you well! 

Taylor- I love how go with the flow you are.  You truly rest in each moment, allowing it to come to you as it may and responding within it.  You are a constant peace for your family to lean into and rely upon.  You love Lauren so so well and that radiates from your relationship.  Your girls are just smitten with you!  You are the best daddy to them!   Thank you so much for the way you serve your family and your community.  It truly does not go unnoticed. 


The days may be slow mamas, but your impact is eternal.  

Ephesians 5:16 "Making the most of every opportunity, for the says are evil."  

Satan is trying to steal your joy, numb your efforts, instill your exhaustion.  But may we endure the fight, pick up our armor and love well, invest well, fight well for these children of ours. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and don't give up dear one.  This journey isn't over yet, and your progress is coming.  Keep fighting dear sister.  

~Rooting for you,