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Breathing in Hope, Breathing Out Exhaustion, Tonight I choose


Breathing in Hope, Breathing out Exhaustion


Tonight I choose to breathe in hope, 

Even though the world says I should fall, 

That I should compare, and consume, 

Worry and Doubt, 

Belittle Myself, Run and Hide. 



Tonight I choose to breathe out failure, 

As God says I am adequate, 

I am enough, just as I am, no better, no worse.  



Tonight I choose to breathe in hope, 

Dreaming dreams of bright futures ahead, 

Doors being opened and roads paved, 

Walking freely along my path, 

Tunnel vision for my worth. 



Tonight I choose to breathe out Exhaustion, 

The constant striving to be better than I am in the current moment, 

Recognizing that new horizons will come, 

Growth will continue within me, 

That I will not stop creating and learning and evolving, 

However, that where I am right now is enough for today, for this present moment. 



Tonight I choose to breathe in peace, 

To let it soak into my veins and echo deep into my soul, 

My work is of value, 

My documenting of overwhelming purpose, 

Capturing these ever passing moments in time, 

The connections created here, the passions and tensions, 

The hardships and mess, 

The blooms and Fruits. 



Tonight I choose to breathe out Disappointment. 

The feeling of not being enough for those around me, 

Or living up to the perfect image that I create for myself.  



Tonight I choose to breathe in gratefulness, 

Gratefulness for the opportunity to see life within the beautiful moments of time as they pass, 

In constant awe of this life I live and everything entangled with it.  



Tonight I choose to breathe out Praise, 

To speak of all the blessings I have been given and all the good placed before me each day, 

The flowers growing in the yard, 

The trees blooming before my eyes, 

The sun rising to the east and setting to the west, 

The stars and moon shining brightly, 

The restful quiet of country nights, 

The warm snuggles from my little darlings, 

The tender kisses from my handsome prince, 

The helping hands and gracious hearts of my family and friends, 

The means to have shelter, food, clothing and so much more, 

The blessing to know the Lord and the riches of His grace, 

The ability to see life differently behind my lens, 

To enter a new world, and document with connection as my guide not fear.  



Tonight I step out and I choose. 

I choose for if I don't, then who will choose for me? 



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