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All Encompassing Devotion: South Haven Beach Session: Amber & David


Encompassing Devotion

Character is reflected from that of one's heart, and one's heart radiates through ones words, actions and manner of being.  Amber is a person who radiates extreme devotion to her people.  If you have the opportunity to know or be around her, you know that she loves well and has a smile to draw you in to her beautiful presence.  David's heart reflects his willingness to serve.  He not only serves our country well through his position within the government, but he also serves his wife well, and others around him well.  He radiates peace, protection, strength, compassion and service.  When you are around David you feel well thought of and as if you matter, listened to and valuable.  These two together, well, it is a beautiful collision to say the least.  Amber radiating joy, love and devotion, as David brings peace, protection and service.  The people who have the opportunity to be around these two are blessed beyond measure.  

  It is a cold evening as the crashing waves slam up against the pier as the streams of water flow over the walkway.  The bitter cold winds strike our face and our lips are going numb, however, it does not phase them.  Their attention is on each other, on the warmth they bring to each other, Amber reminding David of her loyalty, devotion to her great man at her side, loving him well with her radiant smile.  David, pulling her in close, to remind her of his service to her, to warm her and  never let her go, to also love her well in return, wrapping her in his loving embrace.  Their love runs deep within their veins, bleeding out sweet fragrances for all around them to smell and admire their sweet romance.

 I hope you are able to delight in these images, and they make you feel as drawn in to these beautiful people as I was to them throughout the session.  Truly my favorite session ever captured I believe!! 



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