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Beauty Rising


Beauty Rising

Beauty Rising 

As the sun shines through the trees, beauty is rising, 

As the warmth of a person beside you sets in, beauty is rising, 

As your heart recovers from hardship through kind words and affirmations, beauty is rising, 

As your mind rests in the quite of the night, beauty is rising, 

As joy abounds through laughter and good community, beauty is rising, 

As the wind sweeps across your face, renewing and strengthening you once more, beauty is rising, 

As the sounds of gentle waters flowing beside you relax and restore, beauty is rising, 

As we let go of expectations, demands and conformities, beauty is rising, 

As we run from fear towards grace, beauty is rising, 

As we step into the full nature of who we are created to be, beauty is rising, 

Beauty is rising here. 


Finding beauty in Home 

A few weeks ago I got to travel to see family, and while I was there I got to photograph my beautiful sister and her family.  And as we hiked through the woods, climbed trees and logs, and chatted about life, I kept being brought in my mind to the beauty of home.  And home for me is not a specific location, but rather being with those who are important to you, your family, your home.  It is always the most beautiful thing getting to catch up with my sweet sister.  And now, as we grow older and wiser in life, and jobs and parenthood it is so good to simply have a person to relate it all in.  The joy of relationships with people we love, in places of beauty.  A treasure worth more than I could pay. 


Abiding in our spaces 

So, may we abide where we are at, being fully present, fully aware, fully atune to our surroundings and the seasons where we are planted.  May we be seasoned with grace, and ready to take on what is set before us.  May we remain focused at our task at hand, and remember all the beauty that resides there, exactly where we are planted.  


Letter to Bekah and Family 

You guys, the best word I have to describe you is loyal.  All three of you are so quick to meet the needs of others at any cost.  You take care of your own and take delight in each other.  You love others well and have fun in the process.  You are always there, consistent and true. 

Bekah- What a joy to watch you grow into the woman you are today.  Leaving behind scars and wounds, but stepping into a season of confidence and joy, soaking in all that is before you.  You are so so so loyal to your tribe, and I so love you for it.  You take amazing care of Autumn and show up to meet the needs of your family.  You always remember people.  You remember birthdays and events and are the best at coordinating things.  You are not afraid to go after what you want, and I so respect you for this, and hope I have learned just a touch of this from you.  I love you so much and am so grateful to have you as my sister! Autumn and Cole adore you to no end and know why they do.  You are simply the best.  

Autumn- Sweet sweet autumn.  You are a little mama if I have ever seen one.  Caretaking to the largest degree and making sure those around you have everything that they need.  I love your adventure spirit and you ability to charge full force after things in front of you, just like your mama.  You are going to be a go-getter in life for sure!  I have no doubt about it! We just love you to pieces little one! 

Cole- Loyal and kind, always seeing what ways to serve and step in to help.  You are truly a gift to our family and we are so glad Bekah found you, or vice versa. ;) You truly are the biggest giver, with such a hard work ethic.  You love and encourage Bekah so well and have been a breathe of fresh air for us all.  You have come alongside Autumn lovingly and full of fun and joy, everything that she needs.  She adores you, and looks up to you in so many ways.  Colie, we are just so glad you are around.  We love you! 




*All proceeds from my November sessions will be going directly towards our adoption fund!  And, I would love to do some in-home sessions as well this winter season if anyone would be interested!