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Scars Project: Overcoming Hardships in Life and Turning it to Hope: Northwest Indiana Lifestyle Photographer


Scars Project: Overcoming Hardships in Life and Turning it to Hope: Northwest Indiana Lifestyle Photographer


Scars leave us vulnerable, cut open, pierced and marked.  We become branded with our stores, made different and changed.  Some scars are incredibly painful, seeping into our deepest identity, creating our deepest wounds.  Some scars leave us broken and blind, unable to see the light, crawling and inching towards mercy and grace.  But with any scar, in time, it has the opportunity to heal.  Many times, it is still weaker than before, still more prone to future vulnerability. However, it is also made more aware, more obvious, thus more attentive to us.  We now pay more attention in our lives to our areas of scars, thus providing transformation.  Scars can be used for beautiful healing, extreme redemption, and incredible growth to become someone better. 


I have many scars in my own life, some are healed, some are only in the beginning stages of healing, still open and oozing.  Yet, as I begin to process them and make steps humbly towards grace and redemption I change.  I grow more compassion for others, more understanding for those hurting in similar circumstances.  My heart softens and as I am weak, I become stronger in Christ, for as I lay down myself and my pride, and pick up the cross instead, my focus and vision changes.  My values are transformed, my purposed fixed and my eyes focused.  As I live broken and in need of Jesus, I become more alive than I ever could be on my own.  For, there is something so beautiful about the act of sacrifice, laying ourselves down and choosing others instead.  This is why Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things to me.  It is an extreme sacrifice of laying yourself down to care for and nurture the needs of your children.  Beauty.  This is why the act of service in the military is such a beautiful thing to me.  Laying down their lives and time with their families for the sake of our nation.  Beauty.  This is why the messy, the broken and the frayed pieces are so beautiful to me.  For, although there is certainly pain there, there is also sacrifice, and through the sacrifice comes wisdom, and through the wisdom comes grace and grace changes actions and grace shines light on the darkness, and that is a beautiful thing worth capturing.  Grace produces hope, and the world runs to hope!  

Vulnerable, Yet Set Free 

Here is a start to my own Scars Project I am working on this year.  It has been a beautiful, healing process for me.  Leaving me vulnerable, yet set free.  


Do you have any scars you have overcome or are struggling with?  I would love to champion them together!! 



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New Website Reveal!

Coming in Like a Rushing Wind

A few months ago I began praying for a new vision, a new perspective for this photography journey that I am on.  I knew my style was shifting and I was gaining ground towards producing the beautiful work I had always dreamed of getting to.  However, I still had incredible fear in my heart and did not feel a clear purpose behind my work.  But one evening in the quiet of my bedroom, digging through scriptures, trying to pull something, anything out for me, it came to me like a rushing wind.  

Matthew 17:20- He [Jesus] replied, 'Because you have so little faith.  I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you."  

Overcoming Doubt and Rising to Faith 

As I have spoken about many times before, one of my biggest struggles is anxiety and depression and within that come fears, doubts, worry.  You name it.  So, naturally that will occasional feed over into my hopes and visions of my business as I feel all people are inclined to experience at different points within their lives.  This verse spoke so clearly to me.  The disciples could not perform the miracle they were trying to perform, not because of anything bad, but simply because they did not have the faith.  They did not truly believe that God could do it.  And what lies within anxiety, depression, fears?  Lack of faith that you measure up or compare to others.  I need more faith, deeper and deeper faith.  Faith to step out into more courageous decisions and actions.  More faith that the dreams and aspirations the Lord have laid on my heart are possible.  More faith that as I begin taking baby steps of obedience, eventually I can have enough faith to move mountains, to do things and touch people and expand the love of Christ further than I ever thought possible simply on the basis of faith.  Faith is powerful stuff my friends.  And digging deeper is talks about the faith of a mustard seed.  A mustard seed is one of the easiest to grow, produces a beautiful yellow flower, and is edible.  So not only is is pleasing to look at, it is full of nourishment as well.  And, it can self-sow if you all it to!!  I just think of this with faith. If we simply step out into the small things God is calling us to, imagine what God can do with it?  If we simply hand it over to Him, then He can make us not only more pleasant to be around, but change us from the inside out, changing our levels of kindness and goodness.   And, in continuing to have faith, to step into the small things, there can be a self-sowing result.  Our actions can have a ripple effect across the entire world.  Astounding!!  And then we can tell our mountains, our obstacles to move!  For once we have experienced the miracles of God within our own lives, we become more courageous to step into the fearful places again and again knowing that God will show up, He will provide and protect and cover us in the places He has called us into.  

      Logo designed by my beautiful friend Emily Karwoski of                        Would be honored for you to check out my new website here:                                    

      Logo designed by my beautiful friend Emily Karwoski of

                     Would be honored for you to check out my new website here:  


So, in this, I know that one of my small steps of obedience the Lord has called me into this year is to be more genuinely myself in my photography business and to be more willing and open to new ideas as they come as well as continuing to dive into the harder places for me.  And as I have taken these steps I only see the grace of the Lord falling on me in new and beautiful ways.  I know now that my main goal in photographing my clients is to document them in powerful, connected ways that brings forth exploration and freedom.  I want to pull out the quiet strength within the beautiful mothers I encounter and remind them that the messy, hard and dirty work is worth it.  They are so valuable and treasured and more than that, they are seen, they are heard.  And to document women entering into marriage, and showing them how beloved they truly are, for their radiance is glowing brightly for all to see around them.  I want my clients to hang my work on their walls, not for any fame or honor for me, but rather that they might be able to see their own families, marriages and loved ones in the beautiful light that their story is portrayed to the world.  To remind them, that sacrifice is worth it and from the dirt where the seeds were planted, there is a beautiful flower that has rooted, and is now in full bloom.  May that truth resound for all to hear!! 

So, with all of this is mind, I have decided to offer a few new things this year.  I will now be offering "Mountain Sessions"  which is an all-day session with me, where I will be able to document more of the overall story for you and your family.  For this I would come document the getting ready process as well as maybe a morning outing or adventure.  And then in the evening we could shoot a more typical sunset session to close the evening.  I am really excited to step into this and offer this for the beautiful stories I encounter.  


I am also now serving elopement clients.  I love the idea of keeping things simple, so if this is you, I would love to get in touch and discuss your vision and dreams!  I am happy to travel!  

I will also continue serving my amazing families in my normal sunrise and sunset sessions that are now called "Mustard Seed Sessions" as well as my beautiful wedding clients.  You guys know that I am obsessed with love and everything wedding!  


I am so looking forward to this year and all the new and beautiful things the Lord carries me through!! I look forward to the amazing and brilliant clients I come in contact with this year!  Let's create something wildly beautiful together! 

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