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Hope Grasped. Lackey Family Session; NWI Photographer


Hope Grasped. Lackey Family Session; NWI Photographer

Hope Grasped

Hope grasped onto. 

Arms tenderly wrapped around children, 

Holding them close.  

Delicately embracing the beating of of her heart. 

There is a beauty about her. 

Her children call her fearless, bold, determined, caretaker, truth teller.

Willing to risk it all for the sake of the one. 

With an infectious laugh and ears open to listening, 

her joy overflows, abounding in goodness. 

This light she carries, though many days threatened by the dark, will not be defeated, 

for she is a warrior.  

Fighting for truth for her family, her community, her own heart,

enjoying togetherness. 

Speaking words of truth, words of affirmation over each other, 

bringing power and hope to the honor of the spoken word. 

As you stand on the mountaintop together, 

may you be bold enough to take on new adventures, new seasons for the sake of hope. 

Hope grasped onto, never letting go in each and every season. 

Setting hearts ablaze. 

I had the Immense honor and privilege of photographing this beautiful family recently.  To day their hearts poured over in love, in togetherness, in faithfulness and tender support would be an understatement. Time is such a gift, and my time with the Lackey family was one of the greatest gifts! 


Letter to the Lackey Family: 

Time with you is a rare gift.  You have the power of honor each other with your words. Your family is filled with incredible joy.  You stick together, fighting for each other; through the hills and the valleys you are one.  There is value in the togetherness, in the time. You reckognize this season is ever changing and the small grasp there seems to be to hold it still.  Yet, even amongst the wavering, there is peace, there is unspeakable wholeness.  There is a firm foundation resting here, the heartbeat of your family that holds you together.  This mold is unique, strong and lasting. Keep pressing in to each other. Keep loving each other, even on the hard days.  Keep making time to listen, for it is so incredibly worth it!!  You guys are simply incredible!! I hope you know what a rare gift you are to this world.  Thank you for allowing me to be just a small piece of your grand story being written.  

Ben- you are so so loyal and kind.  I believe you will be a quiet leader in your days ahead. Humbly showing up each day.  You are filled with goodness.  You have so much to give. You feel this world, and do not let that scare you.  For compassion for others is one the greatest gifts we can posses.  I truly believe you are destined for some incredible journeys! 

Nate- Quiet and reserved, yet I can see a beacon of light coming from you.  Your smile can light up any room and there is quite a bit of creativity welled up inside of you. You are an amazing caretaker for your sisters.  You process the things of this life, and I cannot wait to see where that extraordinary gift takes you!! (And ps, I hope you keep your hair forever, because it is amazing!!) 

Katie-You are going to do great things in this world.  You are a doer.  You lead your sisters so so well. May you never forget what a gift you are.  Life itself spills out from you, as you serve and encourage, and care for your sisters.  You are a beauty for the world to see; not only physical, but also of the heart. Keep loving others well, for this is how we change the world.  Extending love, one person at a time. 

Addy- So fun loving and spunky!  You just go for things, full force, all in.  But within this, you are kind and compassionate.  I cannot wait to see where this takes you!  Continue to be exactly who you are, for it is what makes you the most beautiful version of yourself! 

Anna- Lover of life and lover of your brother Ben! :) I adore how much you admire your older siblings. You surely have some good ones to look up to!! But remember, that there is an amazing treasure within your own gifting as well.  You are loyal and you have so much wonder of heart built up in you.  Never forget the beauty and wonder of this world.  Bottle it up dear one and pour it out to the world. 

Mark- A great listener and a great leader.  I love that in speaking life and truth over Kelly you mentioned her greatest joy to exist within birthing your children.  You see beauty in sacrifice, and surrender, in the gift of new life, as you are speaking into the lives of others and showing them the gift of life itself.  Your boys look up to you in the most radical ways.  Your girls cling close, knowing they are in a safe space.  Your words of affirmation over Kelly were so powerful and poignant.  I hope that wherever life take  you next, you will remember this gift of speaking life into others, into your family, into the love of your life. 

Kelly- Where to even begin.   There was a connection I immediately formed with you.  Your compassion and grace know no bounds.  The way you gently cupped Ben's face and spoke words of affirmation into him is one I will never forget.  You, like Mark are a life giver.  In gentleness you are also willing to step out in courage and take risk.  You would do anything for your children, and they know this, they know it well.  You remain close in truth, yet allow distance to grow.  There is this beautiful space to feel welcomed, encouraged, blessed and challenged by you all in one.  Challenged to step into that in which we are called to.  Your gifting know no bounds.  You have a heart that spreads to each soul you meet.  You are a great treasure.  Stand in this beautiful space of holy surrender, for your family is watching and they are being given the greatest example.  Thank you for allowing me into your sacred space.  For your family truly is sacred.  Keep holding them close and soaking in this time.  Each day is a gift. 

Grateful and blessed with my time with this family.  May we remember to grasp onto hope in every season, never letting it go.  And may remember the power of our words.  May we spread hope with us wherever we go. #hopedoers

~Rooting you on from here. 


***In honor of hope, in honor of spreading this power of words into the lives of others, we have an event taking place, June 9th.  We are hosting a tea party, where we will discuss this idea of hope, as well as create an intimate space for rest, for fellowship, for good food and intentional filling up.  We would love to have you be a part! Simply email for more info!! 

Would you like me to photograph your family?  I would love to bring hope and joy to you in whatever season you are in.