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Abiding within the healing; Anderson couples and portrait session; NW Indiana


Abiding within the healing; Anderson couples and portrait session; NW Indiana

Abide in the healing

Let go of the hindrances, the burdens holding you down.  

Be fully present within the space you are currently in.  

Abide there, soak in the aroma of the atmosphere.  

Breathe it in deep, for healing may spring forth.  

Allow the sun to rest there, illuminating you thus more, filling with joy and overflow of the heart.

 Let it all go and experience the fullness of grace and presence.  

Complete presence, renewal, peace.  The overflow of the heart. 

We do not know the happenings of the future, nor shall we ever, 

It is beyond our capacity, 

And yet, we can know, as we abide, complete peace.  

We can rest in knowing that although we have hurts and struggles, 

Pain sometimes more than we can bear, 

Yet we can still trust that it has not been overlooked.  

It is in good hands, in the hands of our Father.  

And may we rest, as He knows the future, that it is for our ultimate good. 

And may we rest in knowing that joy can exist too, amongst the pain. 

It does not have to be one or another, 

They can exist together, in beautiful collision of each other. 

So may we come, abide with the one who knows us best, 

And then abide with those whom we have community with.  

Abide, around the table, in rich community, and rich healing. 

For healing happens from within to begin, 

And with friends to continue the healing.  

Today, I simply wish that we each find out space to abide, then heal in the spaces we each need.  

Abide within the healing. 


Blossoming Community 

I first met Elena several months ago through a creative group that I am a part of.  I quickly realized that we were going to become great friends.  Something about the way she carried herself, her overwhelming joy that just lit up the room from the moment she entered.  I knew she was someone special right away, and as I have gotten to know her more and more over the last several months, it has only further solidified all of my initial thoughts. 

But one of the things I most appreciate about Elena and am so grateful for is the way that she fosters community, fosters people being around a table together, spending intentional time with each other.  This day in age when our schedules are over crowded, and our heart and relationship space even more so, what a beautiful gift to cater people back to being with each other, with tasty food in front of them. 

Elena is a food and travel blogger.  And from what I have tried out so far from her recipes, her stuff is so so good my friends!  But the beautiful thing I love about Elena is her heart behind it all. She truly fosters joy at every turn.  And she is a living example that joy and hardship can beautifully collide.  Everyone's life has hardships and struggles, but Elena chooses joy over bitterness, community over reclusion.  She chooses life and light over death and darkness, and I think we could each use more of these choices in our lives! 

To find out more about Elena and her beautiful food blog, check her out here:


Things are Better Together 

And one thing I have learned within my own life and journey is that things are better together.  Here is a little letter to Elena and Ben, about the cutest couple I have ever met! 

Elena and Ben: 

Oh my goodness you two!  Elena, I knew you were filled with joy, but when I met you Ben, I knew that you two were just perfect for each other.  Ben, you are so full of jokes, laughs and smiles all around.  The compassion, grace and kindness you show towards Elena is unmatched.  Always speaking highly of her and encouraging her on in all that she does.  Your words are seasoned with grace and love, a beautiful endearment for Elena.  And Elena, full of true kindness, and I will say it again, joy.  It flows out of you my friend.  It pours from your heart, and comes out through action. And you too are so quick to speak highly of others, especially of Ben.  You run first into his arms and enjoy the love that he brings.  You each fill each others cups with compliments and grace, stepping hand in hand together to each new adventure ahead.  And what a beautiful journey it has already been, hard in spaces, but beautiful all the more.  So, may the years ahead be just as beautiful my friends.  There will be valleys for sure, but may the mountains rise higher, and the inner joy fill the valley days.  May you be able to rejoice in each other, and rest completely in the grace that is there for you each day. 


Rest and Abide 

This week, and this entire holiday season, I hope and pray you are able to rest and abide, to slow down, get still and allowing healing to take place where it needs, and give yourself grace to not do all the things this year.  I hope you are able to spend time in wonderful community with your people and soak that in.  Rest and abide my friends.  Rest and abide.  Presents do not fill the soul, but presence with our Holy God does.  May we seek presence over presents this season.  


And don't forget to check out Elena's Beautiful company Savor Paradise!



All Encompassing Devotion: South Haven Beach Session: Amber & David


Encompassing Devotion

Character is reflected from that of one's heart, and one's heart radiates through ones words, actions and manner of being.  Amber is a person who radiates extreme devotion to her people.  If you have the opportunity to know or be around her, you know that she loves well and has a smile to draw you in to her beautiful presence.  David's heart reflects his willingness to serve.  He not only serves our country well through his position within the government, but he also serves his wife well, and others around him well.  He radiates peace, protection, strength, compassion and service.  When you are around David you feel well thought of and as if you matter, listened to and valuable.  These two together, well, it is a beautiful collision to say the least.  Amber radiating joy, love and devotion, as David brings peace, protection and service.  The people who have the opportunity to be around these two are blessed beyond measure.  

  It is a cold evening as the crashing waves slam up against the pier as the streams of water flow over the walkway.  The bitter cold winds strike our face and our lips are going numb, however, it does not phase them.  Their attention is on each other, on the warmth they bring to each other, Amber reminding David of her loyalty, devotion to her great man at her side, loving him well with her radiant smile.  David, pulling her in close, to remind her of his service to her, to warm her and  never let her go, to also love her well in return, wrapping her in his loving embrace.  Their love runs deep within their veins, bleeding out sweet fragrances for all around them to smell and admire their sweet romance.

 I hope you are able to delight in these images, and they make you feel as drawn in to these beautiful people as I was to them throughout the session.  Truly my favorite session ever captured I believe!! 



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Filled with Joy: Grant Woods Forest Preserve Proposal


Filled with Joy: Grant Woods Forest Preserve Proposal


Filled with Joy

The sun beats down on me as I kneel, scrunched beneath a tree for hiding.  The text comes through, I can see them, walking over now.  They play frisbee, carefree, relaxed, excited to simply be enjoying unexpected time together; a gift to never be taken for granted.  The frisbee escapes into the water lying quietly beside them.  The moment is perfect.  Cody sneaks into his bag to slip out the ring box, Sue occupied with stick in hand rescuing the lone frisbee.  Cody comes to her aide, sweet whispers enter her ear, as he then drops to one knee.  Smiles erupt, laughter follows, joy fills the air, as even the trees and water express their joy.  

After this beautiful proposal, I asked Cody and Sue to describe to me their relationship and what they found attractive/valuable within each other.  What followed was more beautiful than the rest.  Sue described how she so loved, admired and adored the way that Cody loves and serves the Lord and the people that he encounters within his life.   For Sue, Cody gushed on how he is continually blessed by Sue's overwhelming joy.  Joy.  What a beautiful trait to be filled with.  These two are bonded by so much more than just love, but also by admiration, respect, longing, and the truest desire to serve the Lord with all that they are. 

Romans 15: 13 says this: 

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit" 

After spending only a short while with these two, I do not believe I have ever seen a more selfless form of love between two people.  Both, running with their beautiful and unique stories fully towards the Lord and allowing Him to bless the rest.  The joy between them was contagious and I truly left feeling more blessed than ever.  The way these two love others and serve is truly a radical testimony of their  love and hope.  I can only imagine how beautiful their life is going to be together now!  I know that they will bless this world beyond measure and make lasting impacts for the course of eternity.  And I have not even mentioned how gorgeous Sue is, both inside and out!! Their wedding day is going to be one for the books!! Congratulations Sue and Cody!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an incredible moment in your lives and for blessing me to the core in the process.  Grab hold of joy in this life my friends, be filled with it, renewed by it, for it will truly being you lasting hope, thus releasing the chains and bonds and allowing you to live the fullest life there is, one of freedom and bliss.