So Why ARE your sessions 1.5-2 hrs? 

I get asked this so often?  Why do you allow for such a long period of time for your sessions?  Why not just have them at an hour like most of the other photographers out there?  The reason is pretty simple for me, it all goes back to why I do photography. My entire goal is to instill value and hope into my clients.  I want my work to represent something far greater than smiles and poses.  I want it to represent and reflect the emotions, the joys and all the extraordinary pieces in between.  I want my work to reflect the full story within that season of life, and to do so takes time.  I shared more about my entire style of photography in my previous post, so if you missed it, be sure to check that out here: 


But generally, I long to be fully present with you and your family.  I want to be able to adventure with you, to give you the time to relax in front of me and truly come into your natural selves.  I want to expectantly create time to rest in the moment, not rushed, but rather to experience it for that which it is.  I want to have time for a mother to cradle her young one through a struggle, or for the children to actually enjoy some time with their family, together, unordered and beautiful.  What this extra time does is simply create more space for you and your family.  It allows me to step into your story for a longer period of time and in this capture more of the little in between moments.  


Now, with that being said I do still offer occasional mini sessions.  So, why do I do this?  Honestly, I also understand what it is like financially to have pictures taken.  I understand that it is an investment.  And although I wish that every family could have GORGEOUS professional images taken every six months, I also realize that is just not possible for everyone.  For this reason, I have about 2-3 dates per year that I open up for mini session time slots to love those families as best I can as well.  But, full length sessions will always be where my heart lies, for here is where I have the time to capture so much more within the moment.  And also, just as a side note, I do offer payment plans if that is something that is holding you back from getting family pictures done.  I know, for myself, I have NEVER regretted any amount spent on images, not in the least.  The images I take of our family, or that we have taken by someone else are truly one of the most treasured possessions in our home.  They hold pieces to our story that no one else can write.  They are incredibly unique, personal, and they bring me back countless times over.  

How are you remembering this season of your life? 

My next mini session date is Saturday March 10th in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Spacing is limited.  Check out all the details here:

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~Sitting right here with you, soaking in the most important moments,