Embracing Life for All Its Meant to Be. 

The page flips, 

You let your imagination wander.  

Birds are chirping, 

Squirrels nestling in, 

The drips of snow melt outside your window pane as you think back to the sunshine of fall.  

Heart stirring to big dreams and wide adventures, 

But then also remembering the simplest of things bringing the greatest joys.  

Life is full of one thousand moments a day, 

Constant movement of time, 

An ever passing continuum of events. 

And yet, here in this passing moment, taking it all in is the best place to be.  

Observant.  Present.  Fully paying attention.  

Feeling the kick of the small new babe growing inside the womb, 

Listening to the laughter as the little ones play, 

Calming a fight and having gratitude in the gift of life brought your way, 

Affirming a questioning heart as doubts and fears come your way.  

Attending to the deepest questions wandering within your head, 

To bring you back to the greatest truths ever told in scripture.  

Moment by moment, 

Day by day, 

Year by year, 

Fighting for Joy.  Living with Intention.  Embracing life for all its meant to be. 



Do you ever feel as if you are missing all the moments happening right in front of your eyes because life gets too busy?  Or you are so caught up in maintaining everything in life before you, that is just begins to feel overwhelming, draining and unreachable for true rest?  Well, I have been right there with you friends.  Lately, I have completely let life and all of its demands take hold of pieces of my life, and what that has done is cause more stress.  So, I have started incorporating some tools back into my life to help me wade through the waters, back to joy.  It isn't always easy.  It is a constant fight, a choice, and a never ending battle to say, I am not giving up.  But it is oh so worth it! Below I have a guide I created with some of the tips that I have started incorporating that are helping me in this journey of less stress and more joy.  


Letter to the McConnell Family 

You guys, truly you are one of the smartest families I think I have ever met! But truly, there was such a sense of calm contentness among you.  I love you each take care of each other and open your arms wide to the needs within your family.  Each person turning to the side and being available for the one beside.  You truly are the most gorgeous bunch!! 

Aiden- You have the sweetest temperament and the kindest persona about you.  You can tell the wheels are always turning, you are observant and wise.  Slow to speak, but quick to listen. A trait I so admire.  I hope you never change sweet one, for you sure are a treasure! 

Finn- You are a caretaker through and through.  You love your siblings fiercely and make sure everyone has everything they need.  You take great concern for others, over that of yourself.  You are humble, and generous.  What a gift you are!! 

Kiera- Little miss beauty.  You have the purest heart and the kindest smile.  You are incredibly smart and so well put together.  The second little mother of the family.  There is also this joy that just spills over from you.  Your compassion is contagious and feel I could just sit in a room with you and soak it in for days.  Never lose your light Kira!  It is a rare thing to behold. 

Declan- Such a cuddler!  I love how much you adore and look up to your older siblings.  You love without regard and it is poured over in return.  Keep enjoying every second of this life! 

Eve- The spunk and life of the family.  You are going to be quite the leader one day.  You have a bold personality, and love the spotlight.  You are full of laughter, and ideas.  Your imagination runs wild, and I hope that only continues to grow and you lead generations with a fierce longing to change the world.  Never let go of that beautiful fire you have about you dear one. 

Sean- Stable and kind.  Your personality is so calm and humble.  You lead by example and with abundant generosity.  Your children love to be in your company and Christine is ever radiant with you by her side.  You give without reserve and love beyond borders. What a blessing to your whole family.  

Christine- I always knew you to be a giver.  From meeting you at Mops, and hearing your few but amazing inputs, I knew you were something special.  You are one who doesnt need to speak a lot, but when you do, my goodness everyone better be ready for a heartful of wisdom.  So calm and kind.  Yet, when I was able to witness all of your children, there with you, my goodness did it give me a broader perspective of just how wide your compassion and love for your family spreads.  Your children just simply look to you in full love and admiration.  You are the apple of their eye.  They fall into your arms, in full comfort and affirmation.  You build them up and provide the emotional security that they need.  And as for Sean, he beams as he looks at you, his beautiful bride.  You are the closing piece that keeps everything running, all things in order.  And yet, much larger than that, you bring continual hope, peace and an unconditional love for all those you come in contact with.  What gift it was to get to know you a bit through Mops and even moreso through our time together.  I will never forget. 


Figuring out the ebbs and flows of this life with you,