When you feel like you don't know the way, 

It will be ok.  

When you feel like you aren't sure what your next turn will be, 

Where the next idea will come from, 

When the next big break will come, 

It will be ok. 

When you feel like the roads ahead are filled with traffic jams and detours, 

Roadblocks and red lights, 

It will be ok. 

What I have learned in my journey is to just do the next best thing, 

Trust your gut, 

Trust curiosity, it can be your friend. 

Don't be afraid of failure in the worlds eyes, for failure is never as it seems, 

A lesson is always learned throughout and insight gained. 

Failure grants wisdom, and as we continue to do the next best thing, 

Eventually we will look back and realize greatness has ensued.  

We are living the good life. 

Still with the valleys of course, but many more hills than valleys. 

So, do the next best thing my friends. 

Trust your gut, forget what the world it telling you, 

You do not have to have your life planned out, 

In fact, I think its better that you don't. 

Oh how many wild and crazy adventures you may miss out on because of a plan. 

Be daring, be humble.  

Do the next best thing.  





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