Psalm 32: 7

"You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance".  


My Hiding Place

Teeth chattering but smiles full, warm embraces and belly laughs.  We arose to the morning light and met it with joy and sweet music.  Stories being remembered and memories created all the more.  There was a collision of tenderness and wild, of beauty and strength.  This family, united, covered in a blanket of goodness and unfailing love.  And oh may we not forget hope.  For it rests here, in the gentle crevices between the pain.  But as it makes its way in, it bursts forth, shining brighter than the rest.  Overshadowing anything else that might be and restoring all to as it should be.  So much beauty, so much love, so much hope to be spread.  

This family; truly genuine, contagiously joyful, completely present. Hearts worn proud, and affections spilling over.  The adoration and respect of these boys to become men.  The simple purity brought forth from it all.  And within the real, the raw, extreme vulnerability presides, but it does not disappoint as it becomes the resting place for the truest beauty we are able to give.  Ourselves as we truly are, broken and beautiful.  May we continue to hide in the Lord, rest under His guarding protection and care and sing a new song to Him for the day of our deliverance is soon to be here and the hope is rising still.  


Thanks for spending the morning with me Felsman Family!  What a delight it was! 



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