Making Space


Space.  It is something I so desperately longed for as the children were infants, barely having a moment to myself, with my space, without the warmth of another human resting against me.  And there is beauty in the space.  The space to have freedom of thoughts and peace and quiet.  However, lately I have been thinking of a new kind of space.  Making space within my life for intentional time with family, intentional, focused play time.  For you see, how is it that I can stay at home with my children, and yet still be constantly missing it?  Because, some days, I have no extra space within my thoughts.  They are filled with my ever increasing house to-do lists, business to-do lists, personal to-do lists.  I thought being at home would make it easy, and yet I do still get much more time with my children, but I still must fight for it.  I must choose to make the time, to make the space, for otherwise everything else will fill the day and I will miss it. 

So, this is what we are intentional weaving into the space of our days now.  We are making space for the snuggles, for tickling and chasing around the house and dancing.  For watching tractors and birds and ducks and chicks.   For picking leaves, playing in the dirt and discovering new things.  We are making space for it, for I know that if I do not create the habit of the little things and time with my children being important now, when they so desperately desire it and need it, then I feel I will miss my window and they will grow to not want it as they age.  They will find new desires, new people to invest time in them.  And this is my job, my family, my people.  They are always the most important.  So, let's start making the space for the little things in our lives too, because little things over time become the big things and big things become the memories etched within our hearts and souls.  So, may we commit to doing the little things well.  They are important too. Make space to breathe.