Planting the Harvest


" I am still confident of this: 

I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. 

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord"

The rain comes beating down with violent fervor, the winds howling and sky showing off in bright flashes.  A new storm has rolled in, spring showers are here.  The rain seems harsh, seems full of distraction and noise, but I know and I trust that in the morning, all will be well, and  better for what it has been through.  The flowers will begin to bloom because of the fresh rain fallen upon its roots.  The air will smell clean, refreshed, renewed.  The morning will feel brighter from the storm that came to pass.  


The Chaos of Family Life

Family life can feel many times like this to me.  It feels noisy and messy and much like destructive chaos.  One in the bathroom learning to potty train, but also getting tangled within her pants dangling at her feet, while the other is pulling over chairs in the kitchen and trying to climb the counter, reaching up towards my glass vase.  Destruction management.  The noises are loud with cries of attention, or learning to share.  However, I know that as I rest in this season, pushing through, the kids will learn to go on a big girl potty, Thomas will learn that some things are meant to be cherished.  They will learn to share and they will know how to be comforted and to comfort.  They will learn to love, give grace, be humble and kind.  They will learn that storms come, and life gets messy sometimes, that people mess up and need grace, but that we can always start over.  We may all be broken, but it is through the brokenness that we have the chance to say sorry, to turn around and begin again.  And what a hard but life changing practice this is.  Repent, and begin again.  The storm will pass, the bloom will come and all will be well. Are you planting for the harvest?



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