Reaching up for Grace


The leaves crunch under my feet, the cold yet refreshing air breezes against my face, the children are calming in the presence of nature, as am I.  There is something about being in nature, surrounded by the colors, smells and feel of being in God's creation that bring me back to peace, renewal and more grace.  Life with toddlers is hard, and this month has been full of crazy transitions; leaving the pacifier behind for Thomas, stepping into a "big girl" bed for Shiloh, approaching potty training with both the kids, sharing a room and overcoming illness and surviving travels.  I have had many moments simply reaching out for the Lord to fill me with more grace, more patience and more hope this month.  We are awaiting several things in our lives right now, hopeful that we will be able to share more in months to come, but for now, we wait and trust and lean in to the place God has for us right here.  And as I look through some of our personal photos of the month, I am once again reminded in the ever flowing beauty residing right in front of me each and every day.  Here is to being thankful for the every day, and hopeful for the days to come.  For I know the warmth is coming, as are many delightful promises of the Lord.  Be renewed today my friends and step out into the sun, and let the breeze sweep across your face, even if it is still freezing outside.  For spring is upon us, warmer days are coming and I have to believe that is true within so many facets of our lives.  As I peacefully grasp onto the hope in the Lord I am at rest.  



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