Beauty in the Sacrifice of Commitment

The wedding day is truly a beautiful thing to me, because not only are you surrounded by a beautiful display of gorgeous things, flowers, dresses, intricate details, lace, all the beauty, but more than that you are there to witness the commitment of a man and woman to one another.  It is a beautiful thing to witness sacrifice in this way. A lot of times people say the day is all about the bride, I even say it sometimes. But truly it is all about the commitment being stepped into, the decision to lay down their lives for one another in sickness and in health, the decision to say that there is someone loved so deeply and cherished so much that they deserve to be sacrificed for.  This is the true act of selflessness, and within this space is the greatest form of love.  Christ sacrificed His whole self for us by giving of Himself on the cross so we might be free.  Maybe it is true then that as we completely give of ourselves and sacrifice of ourselves that we too are truly free. For I know that within a wedding joy is abounding because of the sacrifice of giving.

The snow trickled down turning to sleet as the frigid temperatures slowly rose, yet these two were an absolute delight to be around as they truly were overcome with the joy of the day. Tears errupting in bliss as Shelby's father first sees her, pure elation as Kurt turns to see his bride for the first time.  Laughter fills the dressing room, the groomsmen and bridesmaids overjoyed to be a part of their day. Downtown Holton, the cutest little town with the best old buildings.  March 11, 2017, a beautiful day. 

Congratulations Shelby and Kurt!!  I truly wish you guys all the best on your new adventure together!! 


Their incredible Vendors: 


 Pam Cox of New York Hair Affair (


Kristi Roush: (

& Samantha Correll: (


Lee's Flowers (


Jay Diamond


Gloria Brammell


*Are you getting married or having an elopement?