The February Ebbs and Flows

February.  Oh how beautiful it was this year!  It was truly a great month for us!  The sun returned, as well as warmer weather which meant a lot more fresh air and outside refreshment.  We tilled up our wildflower field getting it ready to plant this spring!! I cannot wait to see what comes of it!  The kids are growing like crazy, and Shiloh finally got completely cleared from her neck surgeries!! Hallelujah!  No more doctor appointments concerning that! Thomas is speaking a little,   saying "yeah" "mama" and "dada".  My sweet hubby got my Christmas swing hung on the back porch and I am completely in love and have been using it everyday since! The birds are chirping outside in the mornings and we sit and watch them as they come and go.  The children bang on the windows, yelling at the squirrels in excitement and joy.  February, what a beautiful month you were.  

Feature Through MOPS Magazine! 

I had the opportunity to speak in front of my MOPS group ladies, and the following week had the honor of being published within the MOPS online magazine.  So grateful!! You can check out that link here if you would like:

Also, I tried out Multiple Exposures and a few other techniques for the first time.  I have been stretching myself within my self-portrait series and growing with each bit of knowledge and mistake.  My brand new website was revealed!! ( and what a blessing of love that was!!  I feel the new steps are being paved for this year, the flowers are being watered and I cannot wait to see the blooms that evolve!! Thanks for following along! 

* Be on the lookout for something new I will be getting started with in March, which I am pretty excited about as well the start of my wedding season launching!!