Stories of Hope 

As you may have heard me mention a time or two now, I deeply strive to advocate rich stories of hope, making extraordinary of the seemingly ordinary throughout my work.  Every story matters, every story is important.  Every story is rich.  I know that stories also contain much heartache and trials and strife.  However, I truly believe that photography can be a part of the healing process.  To bring value and light to the dark and lonely places.  To help us to see beyond the messy and into the chasms of grace.  And, once experienced, the view of life becomes a much different story for us to tell.


Every Life Matters

I believe every life matters.  Every life is important.  The homeless, abandoned and cast aside matter.  The broken, bleeding and bruised matter.  The deserted, targeted and attacked matter.  
Every story matters and every story deserves to be fought for and told.  It is within the broken pieces that others are able to relate and come to find hope and healing as well.  

And with this every culture matters.  From China to India to Africa to the States and everything in between.  People are important and so are their stories.  These images are from my trip this past Thanksgiving to Rwanda with KEFA Project as I was able to document some of the incredible families there.  These families have endured hardship and pain to be sure, but the joy the was felt throughout my entire time there was beyond measure.  There is so much beauty in forgiveness and healing is an incredibly powerful thing.  I so long to have the courage, wisdom and hope of many of the individuals I met.  

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Stories are Powerful

Stories are powerful.  Stories build emotion and can create change.  Think about watching a movie that moves you to change a piece of yourself, or reading a powerful book or poem.  Stories can be told through words, but also through images, and a combination is even moreso.  This is what I strive for.  To create something so much more than pretty images for you to cherish, but rather to tell your story through images.  To capture a moment in time and allow you to breathe life into the image over and over again.  To use each story of hope to encourage another story to rise from the ashes and step into wonderful purpose. 


Will you Join Me in Spreading Hope?

As embark on this journey, I simply ask, is this you?  Are you a family who longs to advocate for hope?  Or do you know someone who is actively living this out?  Maybe they have adopted a child, maybe they are rising from a divorce and learning to hope again, maybe it is recovering from a drug addiction, or aiding in putting an end to sex trafficking.  Maybe it is loving toddlers well as a full time mother, or even more a full time mother also pursuing dreams through a small business.  Maybe it is aiding the homeless or being a light on the soccer field.  The opportunities are endless.  I simply ask you this, is it worth documenting?  Is it worth remembering the value you are holding?  For I know that these images are more than just a pretty picture.  They tell your story, your story that is making a difference in this world, one step at a time.  They are valuable and worth so much more than words can tell.  So, please do not rob yourself of having these beacons of hope surrounding you, on your walls, in your hands, on your screens.  Surround yourself with the hope you are fulfilling so on the rough days you can remember all the good.  And, to go one step further, maybe allow your story to be told to the world.  I can guarantee someone can benefit from your story.  

Your story is powerful.  Let's walk forward to spread hope together! 




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